Sexy Erotica: Sexting Seduction

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Warning:  Extremely sexually oriented materials in this post.  Read at your own risk!

Sexy Erotica: Sexting Seduction

“FOR YOU, THE SEXIEST MAN HERE,” I watched with anticipation from the bar while you read the text message as the server set your favorite drink down on the table in front of you.

Your eyes locked on mine closing the distance between us without hesitation as if you could feel my presence in the electricity of sexual tension crackling in the air.  One moment…one heartbeat…chased by another…as your eyes flow down my body stopping to stroke the curve of my breasts straining against the small buttons of my shirt.  Leaning forward to enhance your view, your smile fades into intensity as your eyes light with fascination following the tips of my fingers gently stroking a path down my neck in the moisture forming on my skin from memories of your caress.  Leisurely dipping my thumb under the top button and toying with it for a moment as your tongue rolls over your bottom lip tempting me to wet your lips with mine.  I undo the button, not caring if the others hold, in an invitation to play.

“SOMETHING YOU WANT?”  I smile at my Blackberry vibrating against the bar with the pleasure of your text.

“YOUR SHIRT…ON THE FLOOR…AT MY FEET,” I text back, as visuals cut through my mind like dull razor blades…my bare nipples throbbing against your naked chest in pools of sweat charged friction… strong hands unbuttoning my jeans to slip them over my ass…your thick fingers deep in my cum soaked panties masturbating moments of orgasmic surrender…your erection pressed hard against my stomach as you wait for my bliss…again and again…my body betraying me at your command while your sexy voice caresses my ear with whispers of “come for me baby.”

“TO PUT UNDER YOUR KNEES?” your text sounds, intriguing me with your confident understanding of my desires sending sharp tingles dancing along my lower lip.   Memories of my body melting against yours flood my mind with aching sensations of damp nights driven by my need to taste you hard in my mouth…teasing my own orgasm with your deep moan of pleasure as I flick my warm, wet tongue over the head of your cock…gently suck your balls into my mouth until your fingers flex tight in my hair…our eyes meet as I take your dick all the way in my mouth…and we both know that I could grant you release….but I won’t as I show you the satisfaction of a woman enjoying the slow suck of her man.

“TO CLEAN UP THE EVIDENCE,” I text back, my eyes focus on yours wondering if your fantasies match mine…. your mouth on my hard nipples begging for your attention…my hand stroking your masculinity to painful hardness… sheets moist with a mixture of our sweat…my body cooling next to yours as we drift quietly off into sleep…

“COME TO ME,” your text demands interfering with my musings, a man accustomed to having his way with me.  

“COME GET ME,” texting back with a smile, enjoying your confusion as your eyes shift from your phone to my vacant place at the bar.  

“Stutter for me baby…It makes me feel powerful,” the words play through my head as I mingle back into the crowd and walk out the door with a silent promise to make it up to you…if you catch me.

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