Sex in Windows

sexuality, sex blogs, sex , erotica female, eroticaSomething funny happened to me over the weekend.  Not funny “HA! HA!” (cause it was not that!), but funny “ironic.”  For awhile, The Marine has been telling me that I needed to get a new computer.  Yes, I agreed with him, but I did not want to make the conversion from XP to Vista.  I have a laptop with Vista and…well…it was not a pain I was willing to endure. 

On Saturday night, we were laughing about how silly it would have to be to take my computer to Computer Guy.  For those of you not in the know, I write ALOT about sex and have all of my images for the sexual publications I create on my computer. Looking at my sex files, emails, and images…I can well see Computer Guy paying me for bringing my computer to him!   8)

Well, less than 24 hours later it happened.  As I was tapping away on my latest job, the blue screen of death appeared.  My computer was down for the count.  The Marine worked on it for several hours before finally giving up (he has a degree in Computers–so it was damaging to his ego!) and agreeing to take it to be examined.  When we left it, it would not read the OS.  The Marine and Computer Guy exchanged knowing looks that said it would have to be put down!  The Marine took off the day to be with me as I mourned the loss of my partner in crime.  I am trying to be really Zen about it and say that it was time to move on to better things, but I wonder…

Anyone want to share the most embarassing thing on their computer?  Come on…we wont tell TOO many people!  ~~Dee

PS…I have lost all email addresses, so if I had your email address….please send it to me again at!  If I did not have your email address, but for some reason, you want me to….please tell me why when you send me the email.  Oh..and I dont need any part of my body enlarged, a loan / mortgage, or to hook up with someone on  Thank you ahead of time for not pissing me off with those types of emails!    🙂

6 thoughts on “Sex in Windows

  1. I mourn your loss with you. I know EXACTLY how you feel and how hard it is to deal with. Our computers house so much of ourselves, it’s not even funny.

    Good luck finding a new system that you are happy with!

    My most embarrassing thing?
    I went to show my co-worker Grandma a picture of Ranger (on my lap top) and as I was pulling up my picture file the picture of the GIANT pink dildo and purple dildo were the FIRST things she saw. Remember I had done that blog on my “inanimate object” love? Well.. I forgot I hadn’t deleted those photos from my system.

    Talk about mortified! 🙂 She was.. not me. ha..ha.ha..

  2. Kitty–I have a few dozen of those pictures in every variety and color you can think of (even stripped). However, I have not shared them with Grandma!! 😉 Nice…very nice. ~~Dee

  3. Goodbye computer..we’ll miss you!!

    I don’t mind the Vista on my computer…so far *knocking on wood here*, it’s been fine.

    Most embarassing computer story? Hmmm – well, we have a babysitter who comes whenever we ask her to. She’s 16. She has been on my computer numerous times. There are tons of pics on there, including ones of the swinging we indulged in.

    Yeah…interesting…I always wonder if she found those!

  4. Randi–I know. We all have our hidden lifestyles. When I spoke with Computer Guy today, he said with a laugh that he could get my files back to put on DVD for me. It was obvious that he had viewed a few of my articles on anal sex, safe sex for swingers, bondage….and then, yes…there is the erotica. It was supposed to take him 2 days to get my data and it took him 4 days. MFS (My Favorite Scorpio) told me it was probably difficult for him to fix my computer using only one hand!! 😉 ~~Dee

  5. I know there is a picture that my ex has of me with a ball-gag in my mouth. The unfortunate thing is: its not on my comuter, its on his. Guess we’ll always have to be “friends” now.

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