Bare Breasts and All

sexuality, sex blogs, sex , erotica female, eroticaOk…I am about to be a little judgmental on the jugs ladies!  I really dont have a problem with women making their breasts look great.  You can hike them up or show them off.  From bare breasts to creative presentation, there is only ONE thing that bothers me when it comes to the boobies!

Now, first, I will admit, that I am known to go bra-less.  With nice sized nipples, it is hard to cover up attraction.  My nipples can be seen through a lightly padded bra.  I have always worn a bra to work, so when a female boss once told me that nice girls in her time placed a small piece of tape or a band-aid over their nipples if they were large….I laughed.  No really, I laughed right in her face.  First, for the silly notion that I would put tape on my tits.  Second, for confusing me with a nice girl!

But…I digress.  Back to my breast bitch!

It really bothers me the new trend of women wearng bras with strappy tops.  A pretty girl with nice shoulders and lovely breasts ruined by an ugly bra strap.   Are we so far back in the stone age that women can not be proud of their breasts?  And, not even one of those pretty bras that shows some sex appeal….nope, the old-time white utility bra like your grandma owns.  When a woman wears a bra showing straps with a pretty top she just looks insecure and uncomfortable.

Instead, why dont we take a page from the book of the women in the 60s?  There are occasions when a bra shows class and beauty.  But, if you are going to go without a bra or wear a cute strappy top, please please please… ruin it with those ugly straps!  Commit to it!  There are strapless bras and very cute bras that are specially made for cute tops.  Spare the world your underwear please….TMI!  ~~Dee

14 thoughts on “Bare Breasts and All

  1. Nigel–Please dont tell me it is a international epidemic! I thought Aussie women were much more comfortable with their bareness than American women. Perhaps insecurity spans all known origins. If for other reason, I would think that women would skip the bra cause it is too damn hot and restricting to wear that with a shirt with a built in bra. HELLO…built in bra….that is what it means!! ~~Dee

  2. Princess–Yes…I have Cs, so I am right in the middle of the big/small discussion. But there are some really pretty bras–not like they used to be–all white and wired for action with pointy cups!. We should start a buy a bra program for women who dont know any better!! 😉 ~~Dee

  3. Amen.

    And I can’t go braless, especially with the “built-in” bra. I need a little shaping, dontcha know. A good strapless works for most tops.

  4. Finn–a strap-less is a blessing too. Another disturbing trend seems to be bra with two tops layered over. Geez….it is hot here in Florida! All that can not be comfortable. ~~Dee

  5. Randi–oh….hair on breasts! I have seen many women who have not shaved under their arms (like got man hair under their arms!!) here in Florida. CALL TO ALL WOMEN….if you are not shaving under your arms for any reason….please please do it! Enuf said….*shiver* ~~Dee

  6. Being a more mature woman (yes have received my aarp card) I remember when it was common for my friends and I to go braless….I must admit that the dang bra is the first thing I want to shrug as I come in the door from a day of doing busines and having to look presentable – I still prefer braless. What I find interesting these days is the gals have no problem showing alot of cleavage, but nipples are covered up with padding, water, air and who knows what else. I vote for more nipples, and my husband Joe, as well as other men, would like that too. There’s something about them that are primal and sensual.

  7. Jane (waves)–I actually have no problems letting nipples show through my shirts. I agree….it is very natural and sensual. It is a whole lots more natural than padded bras that push the girls up under your chin. Oh and…note to all women…and if you look in the mirror and you can see visible line where your boobs push out over the padded bra making it look like you have 4 boobs….consider some adjustments.

    As for the bra debate, that is only one of the things that my mother told me to slow down about wanting…cause it was not fun once you started doing it. Like shaving my legs! Geez….was she so right. ~~Dee

  8. Ahhh…. the very idea of being able to go braless. It’s like a dream that I can never attain!. …sigh..

    Sorry babe, but my boobies are too big to go braless in a cute strappy shirt. They don’t make strapless bras that are comfortable to wear, for me and going w/o means that *I’m* uncomfortable because of the lack of support on my boobs and the amount of sweat that collects underneath. 😉 (then the chaffing starts and that’s just bad!)

    My mom always said that if you pass the “pencil test” then it’s okay to go braless. ie: place a pencil underneath your breast and if the pencil falls out, you are good to go. Well girlie.. not only does the pencil NOT fall out, but there is room for a few more PLUS a pencil sharpener too! (ok.. ok.. that’s a bit much but you get the point)

    However, I DO wear cute bras that either match my strappy tops or provide a cute contrast. Does that count? 😉

  9. Kitty–Just my point dearest…if you cant go without, then make it attractive. That does mean that plastic bra straps and ugly white wide straps scream uncomfortable. Plus, the women I usually see with the bra under the strappy tops are not top heavy. Just the opposite indeed…they are trying to add alittle instead. ~~Dee

  10. omg! that makes me crazy

    my little miss just started wearing a bra and that is the one that that i told her she had to do, it has to match the tank top color, it has to be hidden by the tank top or don’t wear it

    we are NOT discussing cute little bras at this age, sorry!!

  11. TG–Good going! Another thing that I dont understand is the number of young girls wearing push up bras instead of training bras. I mean, when the nipple composes most of the breast, there is nothing to push up. I guess it is good for self esteem…as I had very little until I was around 18 years old….but really. ~~Dee

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