The Most Sexually Satisfied Cities…

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Came across this recently on the web…fun…if not true!  Enjoy….

Indianapolis tops list of sexually satisfied cities! Forget New York, Los Angeles, or even Miami, Indianapolis is the most sexually satisfied city in the United States, according to a new report. The Indiana city is followed by Columbus, Ohio, Fort Wayne, Indiana, Cincinnati, Ohio, and Salt Lake City, Utah, in the report by Men’s Health Magazine that ranked the sexual satisfaction of people in 100 cities. “Maybe they should take the stretch of I-74 that’s linking Indianapolis to fourth-place Cincinnati and hereafter call it ‘America’s Sex Drive’,” said David Zinczenko  referring to the motorway linking the cities.
Researchers analyzed data on condom sales, birth rates from the U.S. Census Bureau and sales figures from two top sex toy retailers to compile the ranking. “It’s a statistical snapshot of sexual satisfaction across the United States,” Zinczenko said. “What we were doing was looking at three telling bedroom barometers.”
Other cities in the top 10 included San Antonio, Texas, at No. 5, followed by Denver in Colorado, Austin, Texas, Boise in Idaho and Chicago. Lexington, Kentucky, came in last in the survey, while Montgomery and Birmingham in Alabama, Yonkers, New York, and Manchester, New Hampshire, rounded out the bottom five cities.
“Researchers have found having sex twice a week can help bolster a person’s immune system, burn excess fat, and ease anxiety,” Zinczenko said. “The benefits for men also include a reduced risk of prostate cancer and lower odds of a heart attack.”

Hummm….anyone for moving to Indianapolis?   ~~Dee

8 thoughts on “The Most Sexually Satisfied Cities…

  1. Nigel–*running over to hug you around the neck!* Hope your move went “swimmingly!” See, I am trying to get my Brit on! 😉 I know I know, not British….Aussie.

    Not sure where is the most sexually satisfied country…but I know where it aint! The way that they determined this also seemed weird to me because none of these things directly equal sexual satisfaction. Having babies and buying condoms does not = satisfaction…really only sex. ~~Dee

  2. Nigel–I will wait here by my computer until I see pictures! *holding breath* Ok…so maybe I will come back and check! Not at all a patient woman! Glad the move went well…~~Dee

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