Control Is Sexy

sexuality, sex blogs, sex , erotica female, erotica“This is me taking control of my life.  What the fuck have you done lately?”—Wesley, Wanted

I went this weekend to see Wanted.  Actually, I would like to say that I was looking forward to it, but it was very much like I expected.  It was all dazzling effects, Angelia Jolie (AJ) kicking the crap out of some guy, and lots of blood.  Now, it seems to be that AJ is a one trick pony.  After all, can you name a movie that you have liked where she was not kicking the crap out of some guy?  Don’t get me wrong…she is a beautiful woman and I respect her intelligence, but represent sexual women….not so much.   I don’t even care at all for her politics and the way she gathers reporters following her around talking about her “baby bump.”  To whoever came up with the delicate words “baby bump” to describe the condition of pregnancy, women should get together and beat the ever living hell out of him.  It, somehow, in my mind, undermines the whole strength women represent in pregnancy.  I digress…

“This is me taking control of my life.  What the fuck have you done lately?”—These words are how the movie ends when the main character discovers that he does not need to just be a cog.  They resounded so highly with me because in the past month I have both struggled with my sexual mission here on SexyWhispers and met some incredible women who are committed to their goals of helping women find their sexuality.  It is an amazing thing to watch women open up when they realize that the subject of sex is not taboo anymore.  It is a breath-taking experience to see a women discover that she has something sexual inside of her that not even SHE knew was there.

You see, this is why I open the SexyWhispers blog up over and over again to all types of women from all walks of life.  Each one of you has experiences that are different from mine.  I am not representative of what all women are…in truth…no women ever will be.  There are many many experiences that I have not had….sexual shoes I have not walked in…..thoughts I have not had.  In the recognition of that, we truly take control of who we are as woman and the power of our group.
Sometimes, women will send me erotic stories or sexual experiences to share here on SexyWhispers.  And, coming up, I have a great new contest that I put together with Susan Crain Bakos (see her blog at to give away her book, The Sex Bible for Women.  I will tell you ahead of time…I was blown away by this book.  BUT….not going there yet!!  Sometimes, I will meet everyday women who are living portions of their lives in ways that inspire me, like Sunshine who is a nudist, and I will offer them space to blog because I want every sexual female voice available to be represented here.  In the past month, I have started to put my erotic voice out there for others to enjoy (or shake their head at the futility of my efforts! ).  I am so open about what we do here at SexyWhispers that I tell people when they ask me,  “what do you do?”  I even have promo cards printed up because I was tired of writing the URL on a napkin in places.  SexyWhispers is our sexual home…and this is my comfort zone.   So, I ask you…

“This is me taking control of my life.  What the fuck have you done lately?”

Take my hand…the fear lasts a moment, but the freedom lasts a lifetime!  ~~Dee

4 thoughts on “Control Is Sexy

  1. Hello Dee,

    this is going to sound so obnoxious because your question was to women 🙂

    But I am moving to Brisbane next week because I have become “stale” in Canberra,
    and I inspired (?) an online Jane Austen Quiz Competition, links and post, at Mint Tinted 😉

  2. Nigel–First, your literary intelligence is way too sexy! I love it….Jane Austin (minus your British spellings of course!)….absolutely delicious! I want to play!!!

    Next, my question was open to all who come here. I am proud of you for realizing when you are stale in what you are doing and I completely applaud your efforts to change it instead of sit back and complain. I will send you a virtual plant for your new place. Maybe a nice cactoid (cactus on film! HA HA HA!!) to remind you of me! 8) ~~Dee

  3. Okay— in a weirdly related and yet oddly off topic way.. Nigel’s comment tickled me silly because Ranger was just teasingly saying that a new Jason Statham movie called “Death Race” was taken from a Jane Austen novel.

    Okay — “Death Race” is him playing a wrongly convicted NASCAR driver who is put into prison where the warden lets them race for their freedom ala Mad Max style cars and they import female prisoners as the navigator.

    My response was that it was hardly true because Austen always had a love interest and a moral to her stories.

    He replied that the female prisoner was the love interest and that being “wrongly convicted” was the moral… ha..ha.ha.. oddly enough.. he has a point. 🙂

    Okay, Okay — “Wanted”, yeah, I’ve got nothing for AJ. I don’t find her to be a sympathetic character nor do I find her to be a believable heroine or even a tragic figure. I just don’t like her.. period.

    The movie was so/so but I DID like the quote you are referring to! I think it’s a great line and something very worth taking to heart.

    Thanks for sharing with us, ~Dee~!!

  4. Kitty–Ranger shows great depth! I agree with him. Now, Jason Statham is very yummy in that Vin Disel lite kind of way, but his last few movies have left me cold. I saw the trailers for “Death Race” and I was not at all thrilled. I loved him in Transporter, but maybe the drug dealing criminal side does not work so much for me! Is that TMI?? 8) ~~Dee

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