Humor Is Sexy: Which Condom Would you Use?

sexuality, sex blogs, sex , erotica female, eroticaBecause, of course, two of my passions are sex and marketing, when I received this email this morning…I absolutely loved it!  It’s odd as marketers what we say to people with our catchy slogans and pretty ads.  But, what is even more odd is the way that sex is infused in practically everything we experience…even down to our soap! 

Enjoy…and remember…live, laugh, love…and share it with someone else.  ~~Dee

Which Condom Would You Use….?

  • Nike Condoms: Just do it.
  • Toyota Condoms: Oh what a feeling.
  • Diet Pepsi Condoms: You got the right one, baby.
  • Pringles Condoms: Once you pop, you can’t stop.
  • Mentos Condoms: The freshmaker.
  • Flintstones Vitamins Condom Pack: Ten million strong and growing.
  • Secret Condoms: Strong enough for a man, but pH balanced for a woman.
  • Mac Condom: It does more, it costs less, it’s that simple.
  • Ford Condoms: The best never rest.
  • Chevy Condoms: Like a rock.
  • Timex Condoms: It takes a licking and keeps on ticking.
  • Dial Condoms: Aren’t you glad you use it? Don’t you wish everybody did?
  • New York Lotto Condoms: Cause hey – you never know.
  • California Lotto Condoms: Who’s next?
  • Avis Condoms: Trying harder than ever.
  • KFC Condoms: Finger-Licking Good.
  • Coca Cola Condoms: Always the Real Thing.
  • Lays Condoms: Betcha can’t have just one.
  • Campbell’s Soup Condoms: Mmm, mmm, good.
  • General Electric Condoms: We bring good things to life!
  • AT&T Condoms: Reach out and touch someone.
  • Bounty: The quicker picker upper.
  • Microsoft: Where do you want to go today ?
  • Energizer: It keeps going and going and going….
  • M&M condom: It melts in your mouth, not in your hands!
  • Taco Bell: Get some; make a run for the border.
  • MCI: For friends and family
  • Doublemint: Double your pleasure, double your fun!
  • The Sears latex condom: One coat is good for the entire winter.
  • Delta Airlines travel pack: Delta is ready when you are.
  • United Airlines travel pack: Fly United.
  • The Star Trek Condom: To Boldly Go Where No Man Has Gone Before.

6 thoughts on “Humor Is Sexy: Which Condom Would you Use?

  1. Jen–Pass the box! I love a flavored or colored or special condom. Although I have to admit that the bacon flavor condoms kinda scare me in a nauseous, not going there way!! ~~Dee

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