Super Sexy Models

sexuality, sex blogs, sex , erotica female, erotica“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.”–Ralph Waldo Emerson

When I first heard that there was going to be a reality TV show, She’s Got the Look, depicting models over the age of 35, I was practically giddy with cheer.  Finally, a show celebrating the sexiness of women over the age of bouncy boobs and 18 year old innocence infected with the “oh no-she-didn’t” attitude.  Strong confident women who had faced the world and come out the other side of the battle with an understanding of self worth, esteem, and bravery fit for a queen.

Women ready to stand before the world in a bathing suit and high heels to represent every woman across America.

As I watched a few shows so far, I learned one thing very quickly.  These women are truly representative of the average woman.  They are beautiful, but no more than any other woman I know.  But, they truly show that beauty is only skin deep.  Things like insecurity, lack of self worth, bleeding self image, damaged self-esteem, and warped sexuality are things all women seem to suffer from on a deeply subconscious level no matter what age.

Perhaps, I am being too judgmental.  I am not really trying to pass judgment on these women who have had the spotlight of national TV shined in their eyes.  But, perhaps that is just the point.  It is easy enough for each of us to look in the mirror and hide the pain of our insecurities behind make-up.  It is easy for women to smile in the face of those few extra pounds or laugh lines of experience when we don’t have some pushing a camera in our face for nude shots.  And, maybe….just maybe….it is easier to be sexy without a group of well meaning people used to the fakery of the beauty and fashion industry dissecting your self image.

I, for one, feel sexy and beautiful after watching this program not for the reason I thought I would…not because these women represented all of the strong sexy confidence of mature women everywhere.  Because, in the best not-Jerry Springer way, I realize that we, as women, share so much more together than just our gender.  At our core, we share the same weaknesses and vulnerabilities that go way past the “Sex in the City” slop that modern media would like us to believe represents us.

It also gives me pause because the epiphany strikes me that if we can share our vulnerabilities, then we can share the strength to overcome them together.  That is what makes the experience of getting older worth it…feeling comfortable in your own sexy skin right?  ~~Dee

5 thoughts on “Super Sexy Models

  1. that is just so very true, dee. i wonder if it’s a show I can get here though since i haven’t noticed it. interesting really. i agree that we all carry around some measure of insecurity and vulnerablity and it’s wonderful to be able to share and recover from it with other women. i happen to love being a mature sexy woman.

  2. Princess–I could not agree more…I love being a sexy mature woman. I live aloud. But maybe it would not be so easy if I had someone in my face with a camera every minute. Instead I have the fabulous women (and men) of SexyWhispers for support. That is strength. ~~Dee

  3. The contestants must have a lot of courage to go on TV! I could NEVER appear on television.

    Perhaps that is why I am not a sexy mature female? I could be wrong but Women often appear a lot more adventurous than men.

  4. Nigel–I am ALMOST sure that your reluctance to be on TV is NOT why you are not a strong sexy mature female! 😉 Silly boy! But, now, we can make you our token male of the *Cathouse.* You must pass a rigerous physical examine and the job is VERY demanding….but, oh…the benefits package.

    Being adventurous is a sign of comfort…but unfortunately, some women never get there. ~~Dee

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