The Right to Sex

sexuality, sex blogs, sex , erotica female, erotica“In oranges and women, courage is often mistaken for insanity.”

As I watched one of my favorite movies, Iron Jawed Angels (which I completely recommend everyone watch at least once), the irony was not lost on me that this movie depicted the battle of women to gain the right to vote in the United States on the day that Hillary Clinton stepped down from her Presidential bid.  The movie is powerful and moving to me.  It may seem odd to others because I was born into a time when women “seem” to have every advantage of our time.

I mean, on the outside, perhaps we are at a higher place than we have ever been in the evolution of women.  In the age of plastic surgery, diets, eating disorders, teen pregnancy, and abuse, it may seem as if our cultural acceptance of women and our sexuality is at a high point, but I truly wonder how far we have come in our struggles to be aware and in control of our own bodies. 

  • Never mind that I live in an area where the reason for not voting for Hillary Clinton hinged on the Biblical notation of female submission to men.  I can check that off to ignorance.
  • Never mind that in certain places it is against the law to teach birth control or safe sex instead of abstinence.  I can pray for the stupid.
  • Never mind that in part of “the home of the free” it is against the law to sell a vibrator to grown women to enjoy in the privacy of her own home.  I can only imagine the day when someone does not feel the need to tell others how they can enjoy their sexuality.


What I can’t forgive is that there were women like Alice Paul and Lucy Burns who fought for our rights to vote…and we waste those rights without consideration of the struggles of the women that made possible each tiny right we take for granted.

News Flash:  Women make 78% of the buying decisions in any household.  We are a major voice in the economic world.  That is why there is such a huge amount of marketing to us!

Yet, the whisper of our political voice tends to remember women as a candidate’s wife or that intern that was wearing the dress splashed with cum that almost got a President impeached (and wasted tons of tax dollars in an “investigation hearing”). 

Really…sexually our world is not what we want because we don’t stand up for what we want. 

  • Do you want your teenagers to be told “don’t do it” like sex was dirty? 
  • Do you want someone to tell you that you can’t purchase a vibrator
  • Do you really want your daughter to learn to be submissive to anyone?


I try to remember the comforting words Barbara Feldman wrote in the “Feminine Mystic.”  To paraphrase, she said that women make great achievements, then feel guilty enough to let the next few generations fall back into a lull of complacency instead of pushing forward.  So, there was the right to vote.  A few generations of female guilt.  Next…birth control and divorce.  A few generations of female guilt.

I wish I felt better knowing that the next “few generations” are almost over.  I don’t though.  As I watched confused as Hillary Clinton announced the end to her Presidential bid, I did not feel lucky that she had been allowed to participate.  I felt sorry that so many had voted for her and a few super delegates voted against their own states to pick another candidate.  Again, we allowed men to pick our destiny. 

BTW…it is not historical that an African American man or a woman ran for President in 2008.  It is about damn time!! There is very little to be proud of that we “finally” had non-white, male enteries into a Presidential race.  After all, I remember when Geraldine Ferraro ran for Vice President in 1984.  Did I say a few generations? 

Interestingly enough…all of those countries we consider so backwards and confused…consider the election of a female leader as common as coffee (or tea if you are British!) in the morning.

Could someone wake me when this generation is over?  ~~Dee

12 thoughts on “The Right to Sex

  1. I was very happy that you had both a black and a woman running. Like you said- about time!

    We had a female Prime Minister for about 5 minutes once. However I don’t think it was a big deal. I don’t remember anyone commenting on the fact that she was a woman.

    They complained about her just as if she were a male politician! 😛

  2. Princess–Oh yea! About time. When Americans stop considering gender and who slept with whom to make a decision on who has enough guts to run the country…we will be in MUCH better shape. ~~Dee

  3. i was so happy also to see both Clinton and Obama running. It really is a shame about Hilary Clinton out of the race. I really believe she would have accomplished great things. I am hoping for a democrate for ya’ll this year.

    that post was very thought provoking in other ways as well, dee. beautifully said.

  4. Princess–A Democrate please! It seems like the whole world outside of the US can see that we need a Democrate….I think electing a Republican is what most of the chatter about a recession is about on the TV. Fear of recession and war always = a Republican President. Sad but true. ~~Dee

  5. Dee,

    I loved this post and not just as a matter of reciprocity. I would SO like more women in leadership roles because (quite selfishly) it will benefit men by having a balance in politics.

    But I hope too that female appiontee’s, does not become tokenism.

    When are men and society, going to wake up? Female leaders will enrich our lives because representation will be more inclusive?

    Perhaps I am too utopian in my aspirations?

  6. Nigel–I have never heard it put more eloquently. I too hope that female representation does not become tokenism, but in reality…it atleast is a first step in the right directions. In a country that was based on the ideal of “no taxation without representation,” women and minorities are sorely represented in our government. If this be utopia to ask for equal representation, count me in! ~~Dee

  7. I wanted to see this movie but never did.

    They had a series on HBO about the same topic. It was very good.

    Submissive? bwhahahahahahaha

    yeah, right!

  8. I think it is important to note that while the world was under a matriarchal structure that we were lovers and gentle, with a great emphasis on understanding and literacy. When the patriarchs took over, it was against the law for women or minorities to be literate or have opinions.

    We pride ourselves on having the freedom to govern ourselves. Apparently no one told the government that old white men are the minority, and that females, and diverse cultures are the majority. “We” out number “them”

    Very well spoken my dear.

  9. luvley23–Ahh…we do out number and outlive them. In so many ways, the female body is highly superior to the the male body from the production of children to the location of our sexual pleasure points to our incredible range of emotions to our highly regarded intellect. The best men, to my experience, are those who know that women are equals in all things. I do know one or two of these types of men…and I am better as a woman for knowing them. ~~Dee

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