The Naked Truth: Reality Check

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 About two years ago, I had the opportunity to experience a new culture and society that practices a form of self acceptance based around their comfort with themselves and each other.  It is very rare that people welcome someone—not of their own crowd—with generosity of spirit that gives more than it takes from the breathe of first meeting.  And, as much as I realized that most women are terribly uncomfortable in the skin of their sexuality in the every day world, we are all hidden in the depth of clothes because we are not comfortable in our own soul enough to walk without them in front of others.

In the coming months, as part of my constant vigil to provide an outlet for all women to share their journey as woman and as sexual beings pushing their boundaries, I have asked Sunshine to share her nudist world with us.  Sunshine is a nudist.  She is one of the most uninhibited woman I know and someone I respect deeply.  We have shared experiences over adult beverages, danced wildly on the dance floor, and sat quietly staring out at the water together.  In short, I enjoy her company in the quiet of my soul and the chaos of my thinking.

Please…if you have ever been curious about nudism…then, ask her questions, give her comments…I assure you that she is very easy to approach and very openly honest about her lifestyle!

Welcome Sunshine…..


I am a friend of Dee’s.  We have much in common and share a lot of common interests.  I think that I might bring a new perspective to SexyWhispers.
I am a nudist.  Yes, a card carrying member of the American Association of Nude Recreationists.  I, however, do not do this part time as a lot of people do.  While I do not live inside the walls of a nude resort, I live directly across the street.  I go to the gym there daily, socialize with my friends at the pool often, and have an active social life with my nudist friends.
I think that I am a very normal person living in an abnormal environment.  (This would be much better than being abnormal in a normal).  I am in the financial industry.  Go to work clothed every day.  And come home to a wonderful sphere of people who really share a common bond.
Is this a sexual society?  Sort of – can be – I think that we are very in tune with who and what we are.  We see a lot more (pun!) and are very pragmatic about our bodies.
I would like to share my journey with all of you.  It’s the naked truth….


13 thoughts on “The Naked Truth: Reality Check

  1. wow, I don’t think I was aware nude resorts existed! I mean, I’ve seen them in movies, but not in real life. I guess after a while being around naked people and being naked yourself, you get use to it, but doesn’t it then make you think about sex constantly? Even when you’re clothed and at work, aren’t you frequently thinking of what that person’s body looks like? Also, I’m curious, why do you chose this way of life? What does it do for you?

  2. Jen–Those are all great questions that I will let Sunshine address. At current time, although I have spent a lot of time in the nudist community, I am not a nudist. The Marine says I have maybe one more visit before the clothes come off! We will see….I do get more open minded each trip. ~~Dee

  3. Welcome Sunshine! Thank you for sharing with us. Since Jen asked, oh, about every question I could think of, I look forward to your answers.

  4. Jen –
    Good questions! No, it doesn’t make me think about sex constantly. As a matter of fact, sex doesn’t come in to play very often being nude. I will go into how I became a nudist in another posting, but I want to give you an example of what my day was like yesterday.

    I worked until about 2 PM at my job in finance, came home and met my husband across the street at the resort. It felt great to take off my clothes and get in the pool to cool off. Lots of friends were there – there were children playing squirt gun games – great conversation – live music – bingo – and yes, every one was naked.

    You notice people’s bodies (especially the ones who have enhanced themselves!), but it isn’t an obsessive awareness. It’s just the way it is. We are so to say “Naturists”, and there are over 50,000 registered nudists in the USA.

    Being nude is a freedom, a statement, a sign that I am comfortable with my body…I find that nudists are very unpretentious as they really have nothing to hide. It doesn’t come down to what you have or own or wear – it is just who you are.

    Imagine, blue skies, soft breezes, palm trees, and being nude.

    It’s my naked truth.

  5. Dear Sunshine,

    In Australia, skin cancer has become a major health issue, with efforts to stop people tanning at the beach and in the “salon.”

    Also as part of a daily regime; to wear, a hat, sun-glasses, longsleeved shirts/blouses and the use of a Sun Block cream.

    Do you believe the increase in skin cancer illness, would have an impact on the nudist lifestyle?

  6. I just lost a great friend from skin cancer about 6 months ago. He was a nudist. Do I think this lifestyle was the cause of it? I would have to say “No” because the skin cancer was detected shortly after he moved to the resort, and he came from Seattle!

    As a whole, we are very careful about protecting our skin from the sun. Lots of sunscreen, wear hats and sunglasses, and fortunately in the state I live in your health care provider has to pay for up to five preventative skin assessments at a dermatologist. I do this religiously.

  7. Girl–I came soooo close a few weeks ago on the dance floor. It was not a comfortability (dont know if that is a word!) issue for me…it was like sex for the first time. No one really knows any difference because they assume you have always been going without clothes. Although, once I make the first move, I might get a coming out party huh Sunshine???? 😉 ~~Dee

  8. that girl-No one cares about the body – it is all about attitude. Right, Dee? The freedom is incredible. The acceptance is a treasure. My friends and acquaintances range from xxxsmall to xxxlarge in their physical stature, but the ones I care about look perfect to me. Getting naked in front of other people definitely changes your self-(something, I don’t know if it’s confidence, esteem or just awareness) and breaks down a lot of barriers.

  9. That Girl and Sunshine–It is very true. When you are a nudist (atleast all of the ones that I have met)… the body stops being about body parts and imperfections. Extra lbs, boobs not the right size, age…it is nothing all of the sudden. Petty issues based on physical build or outward appearances goes away. It is more about the person inside and seeing who that person really is when they dont hide behind clothes. ~~Dee

  10. I am also a nudist and just want to mention that the girls who have the fake breasts, long legs and size 2 waists are the ones that you think to yourself “I never want to pay ten grand for someone to make my boobs lop sided” The people who show up in their own skin not trying to be someone their not, are the best friends you could EVER meet. Plus I need to add… “once you’ve seen one dick/pussy/tits you’ve seen them all”….a verse I learned from my grandma.

  11. luvley23–You are fortunate to have had such an incredible women for your grandmother! I want women to look in the mirror and see themselves as beuatiful because of the value they contribute to the world as a person and their strength as a person comfortable in their own skin. There is no greater love in the world than that we give ourselves! ~~Dee

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