My 3 Secret Sexual Desires

sexuality, sex blogs, sex , erotica female, erotica“If you knew that you were going to die in 24 hours, what three secret desires would you fulfill?” the email hit early—perhaps too early—Friday morning.

I smiled. 

I honestly never mind these types of questions because I am open enough about my world that it only invites people to join me on the trip.  It is also a part of why I am so surprised so often when people say that I am closed or I don’t share private parts of my life.  And, when I get these questions, it shows me that people are tuned in enough to ask.  Asking a question is often the hardest part—although hearing the answer can sometimes be quite painful too.

“Sexual or non-sexual,” I shot an email back.

Within seconds, “really…can you just answer the question for once?  You are the most difficult person I know!”

Another smile…I always strive to be the most difficult person anyone knows.  Makes me memorable!  However, in this case, it was not just me being more of me.  It was a matter of me being real.  If we are discussing sexual things I would do, then I believe I have covered that list.  If we are discussing non-sexual things I would do, then…well….ok….same answer really. 

But, the idea of three secret desires really strikes a chord with me.  What if….and I do realize that I am being difficult here…we forget the 24 hour part because anything I would do within the breath of 24 hours would be a wild impulse instead of a secret desire.  If you are confused by the difference, then consider these:

  • #1 Secret Desire:  I would bottle sexual confidence and strong self-esteem.  Then, virtually mass mail a bottle to every woman in the world with my love.  In this manner, women would learn to love themselves as well as other women with a true sense of being in this together.
  • #2 Secret Desire:  I would give both men and women a new communication structure that would allow them to speak the same—or at least a similar—language to share all of the sparkling, dazzling mind blowing experiences in life without the pain of misunderstanding.
  • #3 Secret Desire:  I would give both women and men a comprehensive chip that allowed them to access information about sexual positions and techniques because they “think” that sexuality does not come with a users manual.  In reality—sexuality does come with an user’s manual, but most people are too uptight to ask a partner what makes them tick or discuss what they would like to try!  The user’s manual for your sexuality is intuitive.  Stop turning it off!!!


Now, these are my three secret desires for everyone reading this post……everyone you know…and everyone they know.  I have given them to you.  See how easily I satisfy my desires?

Is it that easy?  Of course!  Now, what you do with my gifts is your choice!

Take my hand…that fear last a moment, but the freedom lasts a lifetime!  ~~Dee

4 thoughts on “My 3 Secret Sexual Desires

  1. Oh darn!

    I wanted to solve the Reimann Hypothesis, end child poverty and have a 60 minute orgasm.
    But your 3 secret desires, sound yummy too!
    I will go away and rethink my sexual relationships.

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