Sexy Erotica: Not Now!

sexuality, sex blogs, sex , erotica female, erotica“Not now,” your hand stops the long strokes of my hand playing along the inside of your thigh.  Even in the dark, your smile betrays the sexy authority in your voice.

“Now,” I whisper, turning in my seat to face you…slipping my fingers from your hand…my thumb massaging circles of pleasure against the head of your erection

“I want you,” increasing the pressure of each perfectly polished red nail against the hardness growing under my hand.

“There are…people…everywhere,” the words are thick with your breathing sending a pulse of pleasure crackling through the thick liquid pooling in the soft spot between my thighs.

“Now,” I murmur again, the thrill of wrapping my fingers around you throbbing in my mind as I slowly start to release each small buttons on my shirt…my nipples pleading for your attention…your eyes doing what your mouth wont dare.  Encouragingtempting… as voices surround us from the darkness.

“We will be…late,” your voice trails off as the last button gives way to my naked breasts.  Kicking my high heeling off under the dash, I slowly pull the skirt up my thighs and reposition myself on my knees in the seat next to you…your eyes on mine…shimmering against the light from passing cars.

“Let me give you pleasure lover,” more of a command than a request, your upper arm nestled  into the warm skin between my exposed breasts causing chills of friction  as I lean forward to lightly kiss the inside of your neck.  “Please…” I whisper against your ear…my hand again caressing the thickness of your masculinity…rewarding me with a deep moan of desire as you open your legs to accept my touch.

Gently releasing the buckle of your belt in a slow, practiced move, the sound of your zipper thickens the anticipation vibrating in the moist air between us.  “I have been thinking of touching you all day,” my confession heavy with painful need as my hand wraps around your hard shaft. With your head back on the seat and eyes focused on mine, the voices from outside are filtering through in the distance hidden behind the tide of passion threatening your control.

“Do you want me to touch you?” I ask, wanting to hear the words as my fingers slide down to massage your balls tight and firm from the attention.

“I want…” you start, your fingers on my face following the path of the moonlight against my skin swimming in the first beads of sweat gliding between my breasts.

“Tell me how I can please you,” I breathe against your lips, my tongue lightly tracing the curve of your bottom lip…the intoxicating taste of you going to my head like a generous helping of a fine wine.

“Please me,” you repeat, your fingers finding my nipple aching to be sucked as my vision blurs with waves of desire tearing through my body painfully fighting for possession.
“Imagine….. My tongue playing lightly over the head of your dick… I take you into my mouth…sucking you until you begged me for release,” dizzy from the combination of power and vulnerability you inspire.

Your breathing stutters in the darkness revealing the depth of your imagination.

“Or…I could climb into your lap and ride you…me wrapped tight around you….you buried hard and deep between my thighs,” the words sound so loud against your silence.

“Make a wish lover…” I try again, pushing down the need clawing inside for release.  Your breathing stops sharply as my nails lightly trace the length of your cock and I take you between my fingers again… your hips rising instinctively to meet my hand with each easy stroke.

A sharp intake of breath slices through the laughter floating in the darkness as you shift in your seat to reach for you cell phone vibrating against your side.

“Not now,” my eyes meeting yours in the dark with an explosion of heat melting down my body and between my legs as your hand travels up my arm to pull me tight against you.

“Now,” you repeat my words to me as you fingers knot in my hair.  “I want it all,” your eyes focused on mine challenging me to sacrifice my control.

“All? Is it your birthday?” I tease, as your sexy smile promises me more.

“Well, yeah…it is my birthday and I want to open my presents…now,” your hand slips between my thighs to finger the soft pink skin agonizing for you.

“Happy Birthday Lover,” I smile enticingly, “now come and get your gifts.”

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