Cum Get Erotic with Me

sexuality, sex blogs, sex , erotica female, eroticaOver the past few months, I have started to write some erotic stories.  Always a writer at heart, the creation of SexyWhispers brought out an erotic voice that I did not realize existed.  So, on several occasions, I have post erotic stories and musings as an exploration of this voice.  I have come to realize that, while I might not be very practiced at the art of writing literotica (especially when compared to some amazing women on the Erotica By You! page), in order for me to live true to my vision and ideas of sexual self acceptance, I have to embrace my erotic voice and let it grow.

It feels really liberating and free to finally accept this voice…start to express what I have visualized for so long.  It is a deep expression of the mental, physical, and psycho-sexual part s of my world.  With that in mind, I dedicate this page called SexyWhispers Erotica to providing myself with a place and space….just as I will for anyone else who wants to try their hand at expressing their erotic voice here on SexyWhispers.

When I post an erotic piece, I will post the introduction and put the rest with a link to SexyWhispers Erotica.  This serves as a warning in case reading erotica is not your thing because I am sexually explicit and I am not going to apologize for the state of your sex drive afterwards!!  *laughing*

I welcome all to join me on this sexual journey…

Take my hand…the fear last a moment, but the freedom lasts a lifetime!  ~~Dee

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