Confession: Sex in the City

sexuality, sex blogs, sex , erotica female, erotica“I can’t wait!  It’s finally coming!”  Her face was completely flushed with excitement and I hoped she was saving some of that passion for the man sitting next to her.

“Why?” I asked, stopping the chatter around the table.  She smiled politely telling me that she was only humoring me.  It could not really be a question.  The chatter resumed. 

“Why?” I repeated again louder.  I knew I had been heard the first time, but I could not fathom why was not getting answer.  This time, when the group stopped talking, I became the center of none-too-polite focus.  You would have thought that I said one of their kids was ugly.  They swelled up as though I was attacking the very idea of womanhood and sexuality.

“Its a great show.  Sex in the City represents every type of sexual woman that exists and shows how they get along in one group.”  I blinked.  Wow…she could not really be serious, but to my total amazement, the women around the table were shaking their heads in agreement. 

Now, I have only been able to completely watch Sex in the City a hand full of times because I felt just the opposite.  The characters are merely cardboard, cleaned up representations of what real women experience sexually everyday.  I not only lacked the ability to identify with any of the four women…their relationships seemed equally as inane.  For example, consider:

  • SITC Reality: One woman got knocked up out of wedlock.  Real World: Instead of getting married, she gets left to struggle with a job at Wal-Mart barely able to buy groceries for her and the baby. 
  • SITC Reality: Woman is incredibly sexual (the bitch of the group of course!) and sleeps with every second guy in the room while going through his pockets for every dime she can find.  Real World:  That girl gets a STD or is found in a hotel room in a pool of blood.
  • SITC Reality:  Girl chases big time guy and hooks him in the end.  Real World:  Married man….wealthy wife.  Where I am from, that cant be pretty in the end.


We will also totally skip the reality  of four women getting along in a group together and loving every little thing about each other so much that they can be completely honest with each other. 

Come on….do we really believe that these four girls represent the ideal or the reality of what sexual women should be?  What we are?  Give me Transformers or SG-1 anyday.  Least I understand those movies…and I am less likely to go to sleep in the middle.  ~~Dee

8 thoughts on “Confession: Sex in the City

  1. I am so glad you wrote on this subject because while “Sex in the City” is good for entertainment value, I dislike the way some of my female friends use it as a method of empowerment or legitimisation.

    However I also recognise that I am slightly hypocritical because I often quote and use popular culture as part of my identity.

    This might sound niave but I wish people would think and question more about the influences in their lives rather than being caught up in the fashionable moment.

    And then I say something like; SG 1 for me……

    However if “Sex in the City” makes people happy ? Do we have the right to guffaw at their choices.

    I used to be indecisive, now I am not so sure.

  2. Nigel–That is pretty indecisive for a Scorpio! 😉 But, I know what you mean. Usually the stories I identify with are alittle more about me as a person and less about the character. So, when I feel a strong moment of connection to any form of media, I look closely at that character to see what that tells me about myself. In the case of Sex in the City, I would not be so impressed with me if I saw that staring back. ~~Dee

  3. Ahhh… you have touched upon a subject that a certain cop LOVES to talk about all the time. 🙂

    He DESPISES this show!
    Says that it sets some of the worst examples for women.
    His main example?

    Carrie — she has Aidan but she cheats on him with Big. But she feels guilty, goes back to Aidan and tells him and promptly gets dumped. THEN she cries to the world that SHE is the wronged party and that Aidan should have taken her back with arms wide open.

    You know what — he has a point. 🙂

    I’ve never, never, NEVER thought this show was a good example for women. They’ve cheated, lied, whined, pouted, manipulated and connived in every single episode I’ve ever wasted my time watching.

    I think it’s very, very sad that this show was set up as “Role Models for Women” because that’s not the way I would EVER want the women around me to be like.

    Oooo… is that a bit harsh?? 😉

  4. Kitty–He has a great point. This show represents the worse that women can stoop to and still be considered female. You could easily replace the women with 4 guys and the show would fail because that behavior was so expected of men (generalizing of course). It does not make it new or revolutionary because they act like men because that show would have been cancelled years ago. ~~Dee

  5. Kitty–Oddly, that was a sleeper for me. The Marine wanted to see it so badly so I went too… loved it. I am a SCI-FI chic, but something about it did not appeal to me. I think my conversion happened at the sentence: “Fifty years from now when you are looking back on this moment, dont you want to say you had guts enough to get in the car?” Yepper…almost sure that was it.

    I am soooo dragging my feet on IronMan. I dont like Robert Downey Jr. ~~Dee

  6. Yeppers Dee….that has to be one of the best movie lines ever and I’ve been trying to live by that very concept.

    Get in the car! Get in the car!!!! 🙂

    Ahhh… not liking RDJ I can understand, but he really does an amazing portrayal of Tony Stark. Of course, they are both alcoholic, rich men, womanizers…soooo… you probably won’t like Tony Stark either! hee..hee.

    But, the movie really is good and the effects are amazing!

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