Not a Dick Issue: Size Does Matter

sexuality, sex blogs, sex , erotica female, eroticaOddly, from a sexual perspective, there have been many controversial discussions as to whether size matters.  Most women, I believe, will easily tell a man before, during, or after a sexual encounter that size does not matter at all.  I will disagree with that because size is a completely controllable.  If you are confused by my understanding of male anatomy, then perhaps I should explain that, in my mind, we are not considering the size of a man’s sexual appetite or the reasonable size of his member (trying to be delicate as I used the word ‘dickhead’ in a sentence today to refer to an ex-coworker).

What amazes me when women consider the issue of whether size matters, they all too often forget that the size of a man’s heart does matter!  Now, I am sure that many women out there will readily say, “Of course, that is just stupid!”  Fair enough.  My question is then what does a man do to show you that he loves you?  Before you start to stutter off a list of responses that range from flowers to romantic dinners, please realize that is the male adaptation of a female version of love and romance.  If left to men, in general, I believe that the florist, greeting card, and jewelry industries would be out of business within a month.  Hummm….that might not be a bad thing.

But, in reality, there are many ways that men naturally show their level of affection for a woman that fall outside of the range of our expectations.  And, because we, as women, are not geared to think of those things as acts of love—merely their duty as a man—we don’t appreciate that innocence at which these acts are performed.  I know that I certainly would have a wild rebellious screaming fits while running into the street if anyone explains to me society’s expectations of me as a woman or wife because I don’t want anyone’s expectations reflected upon me. 

However, when the trash needs to be taken out or the lawn mowed, does that reflect any less of a gift than a bouquet of flowers?  When he gets up at 5 am to go to work, every day, because he believes in supporting his family, does that say love any less than a greeting card?

What I think happens is that we fill young girls heads so full of fairy tales of knights on white horses rescuing damsels in distress that it is destroying to the image of relationships and marriage when a man does something as un-glamorous as turn the coffee on in the morning or remembers to pick up your favorite flavor of ice cream at the grocery.  Incredibly…I usually find my socks back in my sock drawer every week (I hate folding socks) and the VCR taping my favorite shows when I have to work late.  To me, that is a hell of a lot of magic. 

So, in the end, I ask….does size matter to you?  If so, look for the small things because they add up to something much bigger.  ~~Dee

14 thoughts on “Not a Dick Issue: Size Does Matter

  1. “The Complete Idiots Guide to Pleasing Your Women” while overwhelming at first, was a revelation to me because I just did not know what women desire, need and cherish. My heart has always been big, just not aware.

    Using your Heart?

    hear them out,
    act positively,
    regret the situation,
    treat with care.

  2. Nigel–You never fail to impress!

    I always wonder how effect those books are….I know men love manuals, but I really consider myself a “different” woman. Not the Cosmo type woman but not really the Playboy type woman either. Like, for example, I am not a cuddler at all and I have no problems with agressiveness (not violence–just physicality!).

    Now, the book I learned the most about relationships from is Mar / Venus. I learned not to tell my man where to park or how to drive. That makes him crazy. And, I learned not to talk to him about anything serious for 30 minutes after he gets home. Just nice general chatter. Doesn’t sound like much, but it works!! 🙂 ~~Dee

  3. Robert–Of course, those words have been said so many times in so many ways, but I guess it is most easily said that the small things mean the most! ~~Dee

  4. You have a very good point, and I do appreciate all the little things that my husband does. I also, however, wish for a big thing every once in awhile, and do my best to show him how much I love and appreciate him as well. Great post!

  5. Randi–I also look for those larger displays of love, but not in the traditional manner. For example, The Marine called me the other day because he had me “on his heart.” It was before I was sick and quite out of the blue…but the words meant everything. 🙂 But if they were said every day, it would be quite like saying “please take out the trash.” Their uniqueness makes them huge and special. ~~Dee

  6. I think size does matter, in organs, in gifts and in non materials demonstrations of love. I get your point of appreciating the little things, and I’m all for it. You’re right, without them life just wouldn’t be as endearing as it is, and we do so very often take them for granted. But we also need the big stuff, the extra mile effort, the type that says I’d do this for you and no one else. At the end its a fine balance of both.

  7. Jen–Organs? 😉 *clearing throat!* There are things that the people that I love can mark as “I would do this for you” behavior. But, for me, making sure you sign a greeting card on the right date is not it. I remember once that The Marine brought home a card for our anniversary. (I have framed cards that have touched me.) So, I asked him….”Did you read this?” He said he did, but could not find the right one. The card was barely luke warm and very scripted. From then on…we agreed that we would not just purchase a trinket to get by.

    For me…it is more like last year, right before a big meeting in NYC on Valentines Day, when we went to breakfast. We agreed not to buy gifts because the trip was our gift. When he stood up in front of the whole diner in front of big picture window and handed me a beautiful pair of earrings–it brought tears to my eyes. Then, we got snowed into NYC and had to drive home 26 hours through the worst snow storm. In these times, its not that I love you enough for this….because you cant help who you love. Its I like you enough for this!

    In my world, love is a 24 hour a day investment. More than that…it is a way saying not only am I really in love with you, but I am really in like with you too! I guess that is what I am really thinking–liking someone you spend so much time. ~~Dee

  8. Well – I haven’t heard “the words” from him Dee. But I’ve certainly seen the size of his heart and each moment I spend with him, it seems to expand just a little bit more to include me.

    He does the little things and I know he cares.
    At 2am he worriedly tells me that he doesn’t have my favorite creamer stocked in his fridge and I softly kiss his lips and whisper sweetly that it’s okay.

    Is it love?
    I’m not sure.
    Could it be?
    And with each little thing he does, we grow closer to that point — I think. 😉

  9. Size never mattered. What matters is does HE know what to do with it. He can be hung like a horse and lay there like a cold fish.

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