Girl on Girl: Seeing You in the Mirror

sexuality, sex blogs, sex , erotica female, erotica“I am easily satisfied with the very best.”–Winston Churchill

“You know what your problem is?”  Anytime a conversation starts this way, there are two things I know someone is about to tell me.

Something I don’t really want to hear and it is usually based on an outside, possibly remote observation, of my behavior.  Interestingly enough…this sentence always piques my interest because I have spent over 30 years trying to find my “problem.”

“You problem is that you just don’t like women.”  I was silent in shock.  I wanted to laugh, but he was so serious.

No, quite the contrary, I like women well enough to make them my mission in life.  I like women well enough to want to empower every single one with the strength of their own sexuality.  I like women well enough to care if even one wakes up in the morning feeling insignificant or small in her world.  I like women well enough to feel pain when just one struggles with her existence or cowers when she needs to be strong.

It is easily confused, I suppose, because I expect so much more out of women than I do from men.  I expect a higher degree of humanity and natural intelligence.  I expect women to care about each other with a deeper level of compassion and to lend a hand when needed to make other women stronger.  Instead of picking teams in an “us vs. them” mentality so popular in high school, I expect us to admire the best in each other and understand the worst.

Yes, I like women just fine…but, with all that I expect….the very best of each one of them, they don’t tend to like me.  I am way too honest and transparent.  I openly discuss my own shortcomings easily.  So, I get picked last for all of the girlie teams… I dont do make up sessions or long chats on the phone.  I dont gossip over morning coffee or cut another woman down for a choice that has nothing to do with me.  I wont revel in the pain of another woman or down grade her talents…even if I dont like her. 

And, I will never forget for a second what it feels like to be left out of the group.

As long as I look in the mirror and see the person that I want to see, I am learning to be ok with that part of loving myself as well as encourage the best in other women.   ~~Dee 

10 thoughts on “Girl on Girl: Seeing You in the Mirror

  1. I kind of agree- I expect so much more from women than men. Women should be smart and considerate and kind. I expect men to be clueless, kind of dumb and inconsiderate. Hmmm…why am I single – but have a lot of girlfriends?

  2. Princess–Its really more than that. I know several men that are phenomenial, so I expect a certain level from men. But…it more than just a minimal because you are born with boobs instead of a penis. I really do expect a strong set of realism with women. Sometimes weak…sometimes strong. Sometimes happy… sometimes sad. All the time, we are women and, with that, it should come with a certain amount of love and respect of other women to show that we love and respect ourselves. For example, if I am out with a man and I see him treat a woman badly (waitress, wife, friend…whatever!), then he looses respect from me cause I know he will not treat me better.

    I, on the other hand, dont have any girlfriends that last. Not sure why…I would like to, but is always something. Treasure what you have. ~~Dee

  3. When people tell you what your problem is they’re usually identifying their own problem.

    I’m a woman, and I love the very things about you that piss other women off. Which means I’d probably piss them off too.

    Good for us.

  4. Finn–I so love that statement. “You know what your problem is?” I always want to say, “Good Lord, just pick one…issues I got!!”

    We absolutely have to get together and piss off as many women as possible. I will race you! Ready….set….go!!!! 😉 ~~Dee

  5. I believe we should expect more from all people; child, women and man! But societies are dichotomous in their expectations.

    We train children through Sesame Street television to be kind, co-operative and inclusive! But abandon these values in secondary and tertiary schools?!

    Most Universities are devoid of subjects on love, sincerity and consideration for others? Instead teaching business is war, chattels must be hoarded and only a few, can truly be beautiful.

    I must sound so sanctimonious! but I think adults should be watching Sesame Street with their children because it is the adults, who need its message, the most.

  6. Nigel–I understand in theory, but in practice that damn Sesame Street song makes me crazy! 😉 Its not only that we stop teaching the important things that make us human, but we stop practicing them too. ~~Dee

  7. I expect more from woman too…a sense of solidarity and respect at the very least. Unfortunately, many woman choose to compete with and step on one another instead of lending a helping hand.

    It makes me sad.

  8. Giggy–I WANT to believe it is jealousy. I always admire things in other women that I dont possess myself. I always believe that no woman is as great or as terrible as the world thinks…but with the right support…she can be much better and much worse! 😉 ~~Dee

  9. I usually don’t like conversations that start like this, with an accusatory tone. Good for you for standing your ground and responding so elegantly.

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