Sexy Women on the Loose

sexuality, sex blogs, sex , erotica female, erotica“Four things greater than All Things Are…Women and Horses and Power and War!”~~Rudyard Kipling

This was the quote for today sent to me from one of my online friends from my hometown of Baton Rouge (least, I did lots of stomping there as a teenager!).  It seemed such a perfect way to introduce what I am about to say…The plans for the 2008 Cathouse Convention are underway! 

It started very innocently (if one could consider any of the Sexual Triad of MissM, CinnKitty, or me innocent).  With a simple email that said, “wanna hit Charleston?”  And…it was on!  After our last great adventure to Savannah, we were ready to take the world by storm again.

Only this time, we are widening our group to include the women that we enjoy most in the blogosphere! 

Want to share a few days of shopping, sightseeing, and chatting about sex over a couple of bottles of wine with some of the sexy women in a girlfriend’s trip to Charleston?

Want an invitation? 

Click on the Cathouse tab and leave us a comment.  We will add you to the email list (once approved) and send you a password to get all of the updates on the Cathouse Convention in Charleston.

Approved?  WTF?…..there is not an application process, but we do protect our group of ladies! 
What does it take to get an invitation to the Cathouse Convention?

You have to be a woman interested in joining with other women to discuss sex openly, share ideas, ask questions, and enjoy the answers!  We laugh and have a great time…while eating too much, shopping too much, and forming a friendships with a group of women you can giggle with over your most intimate moments.  Don’t worry…what happens in Charleston will stay in Charleston, but it will also change the way you think about women and sex!

Join us for the 2008 Cathouse Convention….if you feel frisky!  ~~Dee

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