Wrestling with Me!

sexuality, sex blogs, sex , erotica female, eroticaEveryone keeps telling me that I am not using technology in the most friendly way!  I always give the same response…somewhere around that look that says…”Oh no you didn’t” with a slight touch of amusement.  I practically live the Crackberry, World is Flat life.  (If you are confused by that reference it is a book that My Favorite Scorpio asked me to read with him.  Dont you just love intelligent men?  Mmmmm….)

I operate a successful internet marketing company with people across the world whom I have never met in my life.  I take my laptop to whatever remote location I want to work from at that time.  I live here in the blogosphere and count several “online” people as my real life friends (hey…if you eat and sleep with people…it dont matter where you met….you get to call them friends or enemies as you choose!). 

But, it seems the source of my defacing action was not having an email subscription link on SexyWhispers.  Now, I asked around.  Several people told me quite honestly that they found it difficult to get back to the blog to read over my ramblings.  Their lives were busy.  It would be way easier if my posts came to them. 

So…I wrestled with myself.

No…not because I disagree.  I agree completely.  What I disagree with is the break in purpose and mission of SexyWhispers.  I want it to be a place where people come together to address the issues around sexuality and examine sexual topics of interest.  Not wander off to muse on their own about the sexual state of affairs.

But, all that said, I want to meet people on their own terms too!  The Gemini in me is too at war with the reality of communication with people vs. communication at people.  For now, it is there until I can get a warm and fuzzy about it or decide I am tired of looking at it.   ~~Dee

4 thoughts on “Wrestling with Me!

  1. The orange RSS feed subscription button may provide what some people are looking for. It’s available near the top of the screen for those using IE 7.0 and I suspect newest versions of Firefox.

    Once I subscribe, I can look under Favorites/Feeds and see which of the sites I’m subscribed to have updates (they show up in bold).

    So, I’m notified whenever you post something new.


  2. Robert–I use Google Reader or MyBlogLog myself. It makes sense to me and I believe that the subscribe through email feature will last about a week the way I am feeling. Its kinda on my nerves thus far, but I am trying to be logically sound and adhere to my naturally giving manner! 🙂 ~~Dee

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