How to Turn on a Woman

sexuality, sex blogs, sex , erotica female, eroticaOne of my occasional readers (and dearest friends) asked me after reading yesterdays post about “Every Woman” what I considered essentials for a man.  Never mind that “Every Woman” was about self esteem and self worth, his question was direct more toward understanding what women thought were the Top 10 Sexy Things about a Man.  Fair enough…I have decided to take up his challenge with a little help from my friends.  After all, I am not against helping the male population every now and then… realizing that things that I say are often held against me in a court of life…to bring balance into the world of Mars and Venus.

So here goes my Top 10 Sexy Things:

  • Walk:  I like confidence in a man.  If he is sure in his walk, then he gets my attention because he holds himself like he deserves to be in my company.  Part of confidence is self assurance without arrogance.
  • Talk:  I love it when a man challenges me to think by expressing himself without apology and expects my passionate discussion in return.  He finds a sexy sparkle from our banter with a willingness to mentally engage with all topics in a type of verbal wrestling that leaves us both breathing hard.
  • Smile:  I am a complete sucker for a slow and easy smile.  When a man smiles often and genuinely, like he is comfortable in his own skin, it brings a new level of relaxation to being around him.  If he can turn that slow, easy smile into a sexy challenging smile of a man contemplating more sweaty physical pursuits, he is all the more charming and sexy.
  • Laugh:  A sense of humor is vital in EVERYTHING he does.  If life upsets him and he can’t laugh at it, then he is automatically at a disadvantage with me.  While I fully believe that there are times to be completely serious, life should not be one dramatic situation after another.  It’s too tiring and takes up too much energy that could be used in sexier ways!
  • Cologne:  The way a man smells will make me want to climb on top of him and lick the inside of his…. sorry, I digress.  Although the overpowering car salesman type of cologne can put me off a man instantly (says that he is trying too hard to cover something up!), a nice cologne has a disturbing effect to my senses that makes think of rubbing all over him.
  • Open Mindedness:  Here is a newsflash for the world….I am different.  My very closest people will support my need to be me with a laugh and “I don’t know anyone in the world like you” as they join the club of supporters with a nudge and smirk.  We agree that we let each other be whoever we need to be, but kick each other’s ass if needed also.  I don’t want people around me who think that I “should” be X or Y….they give and want love based on the understanding that we just are.
  • Strength and Weakness:  I love a man that is strong enough to be weak every now and then.  Give up control when needed to make me stronger.  With me, a man must know when to step into the fray and when to step back to let me handle a situation.  When he is close enough to lend me his strength without making me weak…that is truly sexy.
  • Passion:  A man with passion is an incredible aphrodisiac to me.  No matter if he is passionate about business, patriotism, or politics, when a man feels passionate enough about something to share deep feelings with me and give me insight into what he thinks; I am drawn into his world.
  • Female Touch:  One of the things that I admire most about the men closest to me is that each one, without exception, treats all women with respect and dignity.  I see some men treat their wife or girlfriend wonderfully, but treat the rest of the women on the planet with disrespect.   I believe that when a man I am with disrespects one woman—he disrespects me.
  • Adventurous Spirit:  A man who can suggest and take suggestions about our next big adventure together has my attention.  He must see and understand my want to live my life…now.  And, when I approach him with a crazy idea or new experience, he needs to be able to throw in at the right time.  If he can look at me and say, “Want to go whitewater rafting next weekend?” over a boring dinner salad, then my mind reels of ways to be with him.


Well…easy.  That is my Top 10 Sexy Things.  Of course, I end by saying that there is likely something that I missed, so….what should we ask to our Top Sexy Things?  ~~Dee

10 thoughts on “How to Turn on a Woman

  1. Can I *courtesy* to the list ~Dee~?

    I love a man who is courteous. Especially in service situations. I will watch a man very carefully when dining out. The way he treats the wait staff tells me a lot about the man, himself.


  2. Kitty–Courteous is a given! If he cant treat people well, then I consider that a hint for how he would treat me. Of course, there is a “sweaty guy” in Savannah that wants to be nice to you! 😉 ~~Dee

  3. a co worker (male and gay) and i walked into the stairwell to go downstairs … we both looked at each other and got giddy

    it smelled of wonderful men’s cologne …. yummy!

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