Bikinis as the New Business Casual

sexuality, sex blogs, sex , erotica female, erotica“The coolest thing about working from a home office is that you can spend all day in your pajamas,” she smiled sweetly at me over dinner the other night.

I smiled back.  It is a comment I hear so often that I wonder what the American obsession is with being able to spend all day in your pajamas.  I guess somewhere, in our minds, it equates to luxury and the good life.  Ok…fair enough.  I love being my own boss, but spending the day in my pajamas wears thin after the first two or three days.  Then, you either have to get a grip and get dressed or depression starts to set in!

Another thing has always bothered me about that particular statement.  It lacks originality and imagination.  If I am going to lounge around…doing whatever it is that makes money that day…. I am sure as hell not going to pick my non-sexy, slept in pajamas to spend the day.  On my worst days, I am properly dressed in my business attire of jeans and a strappy tank top.  When I say my shirts are on the skimpy side, I mean that I keep an over shirt by the door if the UPS guy stops by.  Although 6% of American women claim that they find their UPS guy sexy, the most I can muster for a guy in short brown pants is a polite smile.  Bare tummy and low cut shirts are not on the tip roster!

However, Friday afternoon, when left to my own devices and the onset of Spring Fever, I created a whole new form of business casual that would have made Hugh Hefner and the Playboy bunnies proud.

That’s right…I put on my first bikini of this summer season.  I gathered my laptop and deck chair with a cool drink to head outside for some REAL woman in charge, “on my terms” work!  As I sat outside corresponding with clients over my wireless network, I secretly smiled as I thought of the uproar this would cause in the major boardrooms across the country.

  • “Yes, of course we can do a PR piece,”…..I wonder if I need some more sun tan lotion.
  • “You want a blog for your website…no problems!”…..Sunglasses flipped down into place with a nod of my head.
  • “Podcast presentation for Monday?  Right.”….Geez, that sunlight feels great!
  • “Website updates on the way!”……Wow, I can still work this bikini from last year!


As The Marine headed across the lawn to my outside office with an admiring look and a grin, he stopped just short of me and waiting for me to end my call.  Disconnecting from the conversation, he smiled and bent down for a kiss with “looks like your day was wonderful.”

“Oh, I just spent today lounging around in my PJs,” I laughed and winked back at him as the email chimed again.  Strangest thing…I think I did the best work so far this year that day!  😉    ~~Dee

8 thoughts on “Bikinis as the New Business Casual

  1. I don’t know what it is- FedEx, Purolator- those guys don’t do it for me, but for some reason the UPS guys are always hot!
    It’s not the outfit though- they just seem to hire better looking men for some reason.
    I generally get more turned on by the white collar type, than men in uniform!

  2. Love it!! I, being a student and part time researcher, work from home a lot. I think i just might try it when the weather gets nicer and warmer around here. Glad you enjoyed it!!!

  3. It was the early 80s when I was a UPS driver while finishing up my degree at UGA. I was delivering to student apartments one morning and a female student came to the door wearing a look of sleepiness in her eyes and nothing else. She didn’t even hide behind the door. Of course, being a professional, I simply had her sign for the package and was on my way – with a good story to tell. Did I miss something? (I don’t think she was expecting me). UPS didn’t let drivers wear shorts until years later.

  4. Robert–I think that those shorts are there just to keep such a thing from happening. It is hard to see a man as sexy if he reminds you of your little brother! 🙂

    Now…having been to a nudist facility many times, I can tell you that when out in the world, they often times forget they are not clothed in privacy (like at their home). Its a natural state. Or, having been a college student myself…it could be that she just had a rough party night and answering the door nakkid is a story she is still telling to this day too! *laughing* ~~Dee

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