The Food Quiz: Is He Good In Bed?

sexuality, sex blogs, sex , erotica female, eroticaI confess.  I have an oral fixation.  So, it really is no surprise that I would love food and drink. Some women believe that they can tell how good a man is in bed by the way he dances….walks….by the car he drives.  Nope.  Not me.  I believe that I can tell how good a man is sexually by the way he eats a meal.  To be quite clear, this is not an assessment that I make on every man I sit across a table from.  Quite the contrary, 99.99% of the men in the world never bother me at all.  But…there is that .01% that starts the mental itch in my brain that makes my lips tingle with sensations that light up like a pinball game from my nipples to deep inside of my thighs.

Yes…it is rare, but when it happens that I find myself sitting across from a man that can light that fire, I find myself fascinated by the way he interacts with the orality of the things around him.   For example, some of the things that start the visuals dancing in my head are:

  • Speed:  If he eats slowly like he is savoring the meal, then this is likely a quality he will take into the bedroom.  Most women like for a man to take his time and enjoy her body….the way her body melts against his like butter…that first moment when her flavor hits his tongue. 
  • Agility:  When a man handles a glass or a fork, I watch his hands.  If his moments are confident and sure, it shows finesse in his sex life.  Especially if he has big strong hands!  I can practically feel those strong fingers stroking the sensitive pink skin between my thighs.
  • Fingers:  A man that is comfortable using his fingers is a man I want in my bed.  Seeing a man eat with his fingers makes me think of licking something gooey and sweet from his…..ok…ok…in my phallic way, it makes me think of other oral pleasures probably best left to after dinner privacy.  But fingers are a very nice starting point and I can’t get arrested for sucking chocolate sauce off of his finger at the table.   Not even in South Carolina!
  • Pleasure Me:  As seriously old fashioned as this sounds, I love it when a man pays attention to what I like.  For example, does he know my favorite type of wine? (Riesling)  What kind of martini I like best?  (Apple)  What my favorite type of desert includes?  (anything chocolate)  Knowing these food pleasure points gets a man a long way with me because it means he is paying attention to what I want.  This screams volumes about how he is as a lover and makes me VERY willing to please him! 
  • Adventuresome:  Whenever I hear a man say over a menu “I think I will try something different” or “I am in the mood for new,” my mind automatically spirals off into locating my fuzzy pink handcuffs as I visualize myself sliding into his lap.  I know we will fit together if he is ready to try something new to put into his mouth!  Even better, if he leans in and offers me a taste of his food—to share his experience with me—there is no recovery for me.  He is all inside my head with sexual fantasies of long nights finding new ways appease our sexual appetites.


For me, food is way more than nourishment for the body.  Food is oral satisfaction for the soul.  Quite often, when I eat with a sexy man, I find myself picking at my own food as I watch him eat.  That is really the cue that things are lighting up.  When I push the plate away and sit back to watch the sexual invitation of his every movement and actions as they speak to me sexually….tempting me to taste him for the next course.  ~~Dee

10 thoughts on “The Food Quiz: Is He Good In Bed?

  1. I’ve been getting the opposite.. meaning, my guy likes to watch me eat because I so obviously enjoy my food and he relates that back to me making a meal out of him. hee..hee..hee…

  2. Honey I have an oral fixation as well. If i see it, it goes in my mouth. If it tastes good, and feels good, it will keep going in my mouth.

    And the thing about food. I love watching men eat. And later i compare my mental notes as to how he performs in bed. Because 90% of the time people eat like they make love.

  3. MissM–Yes, I think that is because there are so many nerves, senses, and tastes that are in the mouth. As children, we start off by putting things we want to learn about in our mouth. It is natural. ~~Dee

  4. i have to agree with you. food and sex have big connection. interesting how you broke it down like that. i am such and oral person…with everything. this appeals to me

  5. I love playing “pick-a-boo” with my menu card at other diners. But sometimes I find resturuants pretensious and confining.

    Secluded cubicles where one can whisper love messages or conversely, engage in whimsical “tom foolery,” is for me.

    But jugding my love making abilities by my dining habits? is a concept I find problematic.

    What if I use chop sticks?
    Or eat my open fire, roasted, Goanna (giant Australian lizard) on a small Eucalpyt branch?

    I always thought that the culinary arts were about reflection? Perhaps this has where I have been going wrong! and need to be more sesnsual in my eating habits.

    Food for thought?

  6. Nigel–I guess my only response to that is to ask if you can use chopsticks well? If so, damn man! I am impressed. I will watch your hands throughout the meal. Now, for most women, “Goanna (giant Australian lizard) on a small Eucalpyt branch” would bring a shiver with the urge to excuse themselves to the bathroom. We are, however, cajun. I have seen worse. It is not so much what a man eats for me, but how he eats it and with the flavor he brings to the experience. 😉 ~~Dee

  7. Randi–Try to slow him down by printing this article and leaving it in a strategic place! Most men dont think about it. That is why I wrote it. So few men realize that watching them eat equals watching them….*clearing throat*….eat! 😉 ~~Dee

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