Swing with Me

sexuality, sex blogs, sex , erotica female, eroticaMy email is often the best part of my day.  I get wonderful stories from the ladies of the *Cathouse,* literotica from women finding their erotic voice, and sex toy reviews.  All in all, not such a bad way to start each morning!  The only thing better would be to start each morning with some sweet sexual experiences.  Not something Dennys offers (likely not something you would want anyway if they did!!).

But…this morning was different.  One of the ladies of the *Cathouse* sent me an appeal to blog about her new article on dailysexscoop about swinging!  As I have been honored to watch her find her voice in the past few months and share her success, her “favor” was incredible to me.  So, let me get this straight, I thought to myself, I get to share this exciting news with everyone about her first paid article about swinging?  Are you kidding me?  I am totally IN!

Now, I COULD tell you which of our ladies of the *Cathouse* wrote To Swing or Not to Swing…but, in reality, go find out for yourself.  I do want to say how proud of her that I am for sharing something so intimate with me and others.  Remember…dont be afraid to let your light shine!  MAYBE, I can talk her into writing a piece on swinging for the SexyWhispers blog! 

And….to nudge another of my readers…..SOMEONE out there owes me a post on anal sex!  Uh huh…you know who you are cause you tried to get me drunk so I would agree.  For those of you who do not know… Marines wife…. drunk is not in our language!   😉

HINT…NUDGE….HINT.  Nuf said….big hugs.  ~~Dee

4 thoughts on “Swing with Me

  1. just fyi — you have to register to read the article.. grrr… I hate it when sites make me do that! They ask a few too many questions that I don’t feel are relevant to me reading their site. ;P

  2. Randi–Yes, it is annoying. But protect your content first….kinda like you have to register to leave a blog comment. Have to be sure your work is guarded. I understand that!

    BTW….yes, it was great!! 😉 ~~Dee

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