Sex: All Play and No Work

sexuality, sex blogs, sex , erotica female, eroticaFriday, The Marine and I went for one of our two trips the Athens Georgia to the Classic Film Festival.  It was completely amazing to see a classic old film, like Notorious, with an audience.  Of course, I am a complete fan of Ingrid Bergman and Cary Grant.  Such charm and glamour in the way that is sexy and classically stylish.  But, to sit in a theater and experience the same sense of awe and excitement as the bad guys start to poison Bergman.  To hear the pain in her voice as she marries one man to show love for another.  And…to share it with a group of people who are having the same experience.

But, the day was much better for another reason.  The Marine took a day off from work to play with me.  Of course, I had to answer my blackberry occasionally….but I soon turned it off for greener pastures.  Not so much in the sexual sense, but in the way of two children playing hooking from school on a warm spring day running through the streets of Athens without a care in the world.  We started off for Athens with the idea of strolling through the streets for lunch before the movie.  After finding the perfect college pub to grab some lunch and a few beers as we chatted about everything….nothing, we walked hand in hand along the streets people watching and window shopping in the type of funky little shops you only find in college towns.  We smiled at the girl with bulldog red and black streaked hair.  We stopped in the square to enjoy the amazing flowers bursting forth the southern beauty around the hedges of the stadium.  We ducked into Ben & Jerry’s for a scoop of Triple Chocolate Fudge chuck.

There is something incredibly sexy about playing hooky with your partner in life.  Everything to do  and no where to go.  The responsibilities of work and life put carefully on the shelf for a few hours as we walked, hand in hand, through the moments of the day.  I am not Ingrid Bergman.  He is more than Cary Grant (to me).  And….for one afternoon….we were notoriously free to just be in love again.  And it was delicious!  All in all…the tickets cost me $10 each (less than a meal at a fast food place), but the experience was priceless. 

Lesson?  Sometimes, simple is phenomenal!  We spend thousands on romantic getaways or whine because we cant afford to take these times with a lover.  I ask…how can we not afford to?  Sometimes all it takes is opening yourself up to the experience with a few dollars in your pocket and a thirst for the simple times before life got expensive or difficult! Often, it is not life that is complicated.  It is we who complicate our lives.   ~~Dee

8 thoughts on “Sex: All Play and No Work

  1. “Often, it is not life that is complicated. It is we who complicate our lives.” Love it, so true! I’m glad you guys gave yourselves such a great day together : )

  2. Jen–It was indeed a gift. I dont think that I realize how much until we started last night to plan a week in the Mexican Riveria for Christmas. OMG! Baggage, traveling, time off, plane flights….and on…and on! How people with kids do it….I can not imagine! ~~Dee

  3. Kitty–No pity for you baby…you know the way to Athens! But, I did think of you when I saw a cute little pair of socks in one of those funky shops. It reminded me of something that would have been super sexy with a certain black corset! ~~Dee

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