Sex and Sensuality for Women

sexuality, sex blogs, sex , erotica female, eroticaI have made no secret of two things.  First, I am President and Owner of a moderately successful business.  Second, my business is all about women….just like SexyWhispers.  As anyone who had read SexyWhispers more than once knows, I have no problems hitting my clients up for product samples when it will benefit the women of SexyWhispers.  And, often, I am pretty unyielding about what I ask for in my day because I feel that a truly womencentric business will be willing to help the female community.  Honestly, that is the vast difference in doing business with a female focused company I find—they want to give back when possible.  These are the people I want around me.

So, I started to work with an online community called Momference about five months ago.  They produce life changing events for women completely online.  Now, if you are saying to yourself, “but Dee, you don’t even have kids!”  Yes.  This is true.  I do believe though that we, as women, have a responsibility to raise strong children.   And, to disregard the portion of a woman that is a mother (if such is the case) is like asking her to disregard her sexuality!  Plus, if the children of today are not taught by strong women (my mind goes back to the conversation with MissM), then we will be teaching the women of tomorrow!

Remember—My goal is that, one day, SexyWhispers will not exist anymore because women will have accepted sexuality as naturally as we accept breathing!

All that aside, with Momference, I recently participated in the first half of the Divorce: Power, Passion, and Play event in which Pepper Schwartz (you may have seen her on Oprah, Tyra, or Dr. Phil) discussed how divorced women can regain their feeling of sensuality and move into a strong sexual understand of their being.  Last year, I worked with Pepper (who is AMAZING by the way) to produce a podcast for Whispers Media, but this one is different.  This one is about how a woman really defines sexuality vs. sensuality.  It was a great piece for a divorced woman, but it has a strong message for women in stages of sexual relationships.

So, the next morning, I marched into Mike Jaffe’s office (virtually of course) and said I wanted that audio for SexyWhispers.  Mike is what we, between us, call The Human Wake Up Call.  After surviving the attack on 9/11 in which the plane hit his desk and killed all of his co-workers because he was 20 minutes late to work due to stopping that morning to have breakfast with his daughter (you can read his story at if interested), he decided something had to be done to change the world.  So, he started Momference with his belief that making moms as powerful as they can be helps everyone!

When I told Mike that I wanted to give the Dr. Pepper Schwartz for Momference: Sex and Sexuality podcast away on SexyWhispers, he laughed and said “Go for it!”  It is a wonderful podcast that Momference has given me the rights to give away on SexyWhispers without charge.  Divorced or not.  Single, married, or just having a hard time of it…..go check it out.  Dr. Pepper Schwartz for Momference: Sex and Sexuality   This will be the only place you can get it for free!  (I love my work!)

Just as a note, if you click on the Momference Muse tab on the Momference blog and sign up for the FREE newsletter, then you can also get the podcasts on “Finances for Divorced Women” and “Career Perspectives – from Corporate to Mompreneur.”   Not so interesting to me, but….well….I am about giving away the free stuff!!

Ok…that is my damage for the day.  I am off to spend the day with The Marine in Athens at the Classic Movie Festival!  ~~Dee

10 thoughts on “Sex and Sensuality for Women

  1. Nooooo!!!! Don’t ever say that SexyWhispers would ever go away. 😦 Even if the world DOES get it’s sexual act together there will always be a need for a place like this.

    A place where we can gather (even if it is only virtually) and share and talk and express with each other.


  2. Hi Dee,
    OMG, you are going to be in the Classic City, where my spouse and i lived for 9 years during and after UGA college years.

    Say “hi” to Michael Stipes for me if you run into him. This is going to date me, but my spouse’s grad-school buddy and voice teacher Martha Malone (no longer her last name), performed with R.E.M. in their early days in Athens before they became an exclusively male group. That was a VERY long time ago.

    I was the campus UPS delivery man during my waning days as a student. It was the best route and I drove one of their first experimental UPS vehicles that ran variously on peanut or popcorn oil (vaguely smelled like fried chicken). I used to deliver to the Basinger residence on occassion, though Kimmy had fled UGA early for a career in NYC.

    Smiles. You invoked good memories.

  3. Robert–It was the perfect Spring day of flowers, little UGA college streets, and a great movie–“Notorious.” Was just perfect! And yes….love UGA (even though I am a Clemson grad–GO TIGERS!), but it changes so much every time I go between the hedges! ~~Dee

  4. You are such an inspirational woman! Its important for women to come together and unite to forge change in policies for women in business and in the world. You are a radical woman!

  5. Great podcast. And it’s so right. Holy Shit, if I ever found my sexuality ánd sensuality it is after my divorce. I’ve become a complete sexual/sensual being like never before. And I think that every woman should get, and take, the chance to be that too.

  6. Dutchie–It was great. I think that most women find their sexuality after experiencing marriage (whether still married or divorced) because we experience the freedom of not living in the constrains of virginity any longer. Now…I did hear a movie quote a few months ago that I love that said: “The American women is the only women on the planet that gets married to become a virgin.” 😉 I agree…every women should take her sexuality into her own hands and realize this amazing gift. ~~Dee

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