Sexy Excellence

To say that I am amazed at this award from my dearest Finn (who is on my top five women that I want most to be like when I grow up list), gave me pause for two reasons. 

First, a sex blog noted for excellence.  No naked women.  Humm….now, there is a switch. 

Second, I always consider myself so lucky to be apart of this community of women that I dont feel excellent in comparison.  Only lucky!


There are two rules to this award (everyone knows how I LOVE rules!):

  1. Tell you that the award was created by Kayla at The Mommy Project (recon she thought it would end up on a sex blog?).
  2. Name 10 other excellent bloggers.

I hate the second rule because it means that I only love 10 blogs….and God knows…I read tons more in a week. 

So, I wont do it.  Even if that means that people will storm SexyWhispers and demand my Excellent Award back, then all I can say are these two things:

  1. Want to know who is excellent to me?  Check out the *Cathouse* and of course, the Vanilla twins.  Each one rocks in their own way!
  2. Bring fuzzy pink handcufs with you when you come!  The path to my heart!

Thank you Finn….as I said before….I heart you completely!~~Dee

11 thoughts on “Sexy Excellence

  1. You are entirely welcome. And entirely deserving. Plus, you flatter me. I dig that. 😀

    Thanks for this place– it’s a very good thing you’re doing.

  2. Randi–Oddly, you were so welcome, I thought you were already there! Here’s the deal…I am VERY careful about who I connect here because it is a sex blog and I am google-able! So, I am protective of my girls! Too late for you though… Ha!….you get the room between Giggy and the Geisha! The are like Rock Star Goddesses! 😉 ~~Dee

  3. Hi there! Projectmommy here, originator of the award. No, I never thought it would end up on a sex blog, but I’m actually more than tickled by it (I secretly read a lot of erotica)!
    I checked around your site, this blog is definitely Excellent Award worthy!

    Now, your Erotica by you tab caught me eye seeing as how I just wrote an erotic story a few days ago and have no outlet to share it. (My GRANDMOTHER reads my blog. Yes, not by my choice, but some other family members found out about it and splurged the details.) Plus it really wouldn’t fit in well on my “mommy blog!” So, I will submit it to you with the email adress you supplied. I hope to see it up there sometime soon. I also hope your readers have as much fun reading it as I did writing it! Take care!

  4. Randi–To make you really feel loved like one of the group, I will say the first thing that comes to mind! “To all the girls I loved before, who have traveled in and out my doors, I dedicate this song, I am glad you came along….” Anyways, very loved! 🙂 ~~Dee

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