Sexy Poetry on High

sexuality, sex blogs, sex , erotica female, eroticaAt first, I thought I would not qualify this poem with justifications of my methods or realization of my madness.  I wanted each person to experience the poem and mentally take home from it whatever they wanted.  However, like the best sexual experiences, you must know where your partner is to be able to fulfill their desires

So, with this in mind, I give you the “Pedestal Poem.”  It comes from hearing several people tell me how they had “put me on a pedestal” only to be relieved or comforted to find out I was human after all.  Although it is an oddity to me the way people see me…therefore, I write.


Pedestal Poem

Here I sit alone so high,
It’s funny though…
On this pedestal perched up in the sky.

This mask I wear when not alone,
It’s funny though…
Struggling and tired to the bone.

Seeking the medley of one true voice,
It’s funny though…
Melting with mine understanding choice.

My face always pressed against the glass,
It’s funny though…
Wanting so to be part of the mass.

Watching the lights sparkle from where I stand,
It’s funny though…
Inhabitants gathering from every land.

With all I am and all I will be,
It’s funny though…
You never see the real me.

Me reaching down and you reaching up,
It’s funny though…
Until you learn, we will never touch.

6 thoughts on “Sexy Poetry on High

  1. Finn–Not only is the air too thin….but the fall is very painful (each time). It reminds me of the Ellen Goodman quote about “being love anyway.” The Marine and My Favorite Scorpio know enough about me to see the real person. That is worth millions in life. ~~Dee

  2. Ooo..Ooo… that was me! I said that! Me! Me! (jumping up and down…waving hand in the air)

    What can I say ~Dee~.. you are pedestal worthy, even if you aren’t really on one. 😉

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