Clinton and Obama Accept Sexuality

sexuality, sex blogs, sex , erotica female, eroticaThis is about to be a rare rant of mine that will include my anger toward the political machine for attempting to manage the way women accept their sexuality and grow into sexual maturity.  You see, it has long been a passion of mine to understand why anyone, over the age of 18 years old, would consider abstinence only education anything better than the grosses of irresponsible behaviors on the part of the government.

In my area, they teach abstinence only education.  It was brought to my attention that the highest teen pregnancy rate in the state is here.  Wonder why?  It is because we are being irresponsible with the future of the teenagers.  Welcome, my friends, to Wonderland!

Problems with abstinence only education:

  • Discounts natural curiosity and hormonal changes inside a healthy human body.
  • Teaches teenagers that sexuality is wrong and something that should be suppressed at all costs.
  • Fails to educate on the many ways that sexuality can be enjoyed with responsibility.
  • Does not education young people on the sexual outlets and workings of their most prized possession….their own body!
  • Leaves them to gain information the old fashion way….gossip and locker room talk (soon….babies will be brought by the stork again!)
  • Somehow, teenagers are getting the idea that alternative forms of sex like oral or anal are not really sex because you can’t get pregnant.  (Let’s just accept PLEASE that anything starting in sexual arousal and ending in orgasm IS sex!  That includes masturbation, oral, anal, and intercourse…plus a few more things!)
  • Teenagers can get pregnant from ignorance and STDs are spreading throughout the teen communities.


I heard a speaker that supported John McCain’s candidacy say on the Bill Maher show the other night that the teachers should not have to teach sex educationParents should.  What a lovely world she lives in…I want to go there and eat double chocolate chip ice cream all day without gaining weight!  I could not believe her stupidity.

Then she followed that with the assertion that the biggest influence on teens about sex was their parents.  I was sad and speechless.  I could not even believe that she was so disillusioned.  It hurt to think of a young girl pregnant from her first sexual experience when she “did not think she could get pregnant” or ending up in a clinic with a horrible STD that might end her ability to have children later in life.

Reality check!  There are teachers who specialize in teaching sex education.  So, if regular teachers are not comfortable, then let’s get sex educators in there!  Moreover, if I had to learn sex education from my parents….right…in a Catholic state!  Who would have taught them? 

What I am trying to say is lets all remember what it was like to be 15 years old.  How new sexuality was and how much pressure there was to “do it.”  What it was like to make stupid decisions because you did not know any better and you thought nothing bad ever happened to you. 

Please….I beg all who enter this space.  Find out what your candidates think about the issue of sexualityHere is one astounding article!  There are more all over the web.

Even if you don’t have children….remember, these are the adults of the next generation.  Don’t let someone put their sexuality in a cage before they even get the chance to try it out!  It is what we are struggling with now….and the cycle will repeat itself if we don’t do something about it.

There is a great difference between teaching children that sexuality should be denied and teaching them to say no with a back up of protection.  Teaching them to say no with a back up of protection is responsible on our part. Teaching them to deny their sexuality is like loading the gun and aiming it their head for the rest of their lives.  ~~Dee

Note:  This is written for a young girl named Chastity, who was 6 months pregnant and in my first class as a Student Teacher many years ago.  I don’t know where Chastity or her baby is now, but may God Bless all of the Chastity’s everywhere who our country has failed so miserably with Abstinence Only Education.

2 thoughts on “Clinton and Obama Accept Sexuality

  1. “Abstinance Only” education in my opinion is wrong because it does not give a balanced perspective of options.

    But we live in liberal societies where children are governed by their families or the state, until they are 18 or 21 years old. We have a “choice” on how our children are educated.

    Even though your post is refreshing and balanced, “choice” is a judgement call and please may I ask? (and this is going to sound so sanctimonius) 🙂

    If the city where you live was TROY;
    Whose side would you be on?
    Trojan or Greek?

  2. Nigel–I am not sure what route brought you to me, but I am so pleased. You make me think and I so enjoy that.

    That is just the point. We have evolved past the times of the Trojans and Greeks (both societies–as they stood–now destroyed by their own issues and inability to adapt). The question you ask is much the same that I would put at your door….if given the choice between Sodom and Gomorrah….which side would you be on? It is an easy choice really. I would be on the side that did not sacrifice its young at the doorstep of man made religious vanities and self serving ideals.

    Parents do not avoid sex discussion because they believe if you dont discuss sex, they wont have sex. They avoid discussing sex because they are uncomfortable as their parents taught them to be using the four letter word (sex!–and I whispered it just for effect as I said it 😉 ).

    I would point out, without any problems, that God created sex. It is our responsiblity to pass responsible use of this gift to our children. ~~Dee

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