Sharing Sexy Moments…

sexuality, sex blogs, sex , erotica female, eroticaOver the past months of SexyWhispers, I have experienced some incredible moments of sexual strength in the women around me.  They are fantastic moments that make me so proud to have stood humbly in the picture to watch the development of the community of women I loving refer to as the *Cathouse.*

Two examples happened while I was in Savannah at the First Annual *Cathouse* Convention:

  • When My Favorite Pink Pussy exclaimed during our walk along the wharf, “I am so happy I feel like singing.”  “Go ahead.  Let’s hear it,” came the voice from an older gentlemen standing to the side.  Instead of shrinking from view, my girl stepped up and belted out a sexy song that had people stopping to watch.  Damn I was proud of her as they clapped when she finished.
  • Snuggled up on the sofa in our hotel as My Favorite Female Scorpio chatted to me about how she was raising her daughter and her life, I felt such a strong bond and an intuitive need to hug her warmly to me.  To hear a woman acknowledge the importance of raising a strong young girl was phenomenal…and My Favorite Female Scorpio is just the woman to do it.


Today, I was lucky enough to get another moment that lives for me.  See, that is what SexyWhispers is for me.  Not just the singlar experience of one person blogging about sex and female sexuality…its those moments where women live it. 

 Read on….(names not included):

Around fall of last year, the hubby and I started dabbling in swinging. We talked about it and posted our profile on a couple of different websites, hoping to get a nibble. We didn’t. Eventually we got up our nerves and started contacting people we found on the site. We met a lot of really nice people and got some great advice. We were shocked when we found a couple that lived only a few minutes away from our house! We chatted with them and then talked to them on the phone quite a bit. They were friendly and did not pressure us at all. Eventually we agreed to meet and have dinner and, as we hoped would happen, we all wound up in bed together.
We met one more time with this couple, in a secluded tent at their camp. We were having some serious relationship problems at this point (that had nothing to do with the swinging) and we decided to back out. The last time we talked to them was the end of September. A few weeks ago I decided to contact them again, as he and I are back on track and stronger than ever, just to see how they were doing. We ended up on the phone and talking about a lot of things.
They mentioned that they had seen a picture of my new puppies, when I hadn’t sent them any links. I figured out then that they had read me on my blog – surprise! I then started thinking back, trying to remember what I had written (open mouth and insert foot, right?).
“Yeah”, the guy said, “We even entered into the same contest you did to give you a little ‘hello’, of sorts.”
“What contest?” I asked.
“The one where you could win the ibod thingy.” he laughed.
I went back to your last ibod contest and sure enough, there was a post submitted by (name deleted) of the same story that her husband had written to me in order to try to seduce me a bit between visits. And with it was a little note about how they wrote it for one of their female lovers.
*I* was that female lover, and I laughed for quite awhile because I never went back and looked at the comments! I had entered the contest and left it that way, when if I would have looked, I would’ve seen that they had been following us, and thinking about us, all along. We had them over for dinner the other night (with all the kiddos present, so it was all PG) but it was good to see them again. I wanted to tell you the story because I thought you would love the fact that some swingers were using your blog as a way to say “hello” and to tell their friend that they were thinking about her without being pushy!


When I read this, I have to say that I was touched that someone would use SexyWhispers as a way to reach out and share something sexy and sweet with another person.  Then, I realized, on a good day, this is what we do here everyday.

Thank you everyone…..who shares who they are on such a personal level….with us all!  ~~Dee

10 thoughts on “Sharing Sexy Moments…

  1. oh dee, i freakin LOVE your blog! i get so caught up in my little circle i don’t take enough time to branch out. so glad that i got here. you are fabulous!

    what a very interesting experience.

  2. Princess–Great experiences with great women! Would not have it any other way. You know, you are invited to the next *Cathouse* convention in March of 2008. I am ready to meet you in person and make crazy (slightly torrid) stories together! 😉 ~~Dee

  3. Nigel–It is scary how we miss those closest to us (and often those who mean the most) as they walk quietly by. Most times, it is as Kenneth Burke speaks of Tectonic Screens….we miss seeing what is there because we are looking for something else. Turn left instead of turning right at a corner…and you miss or meet the right person. ~~Dee

  4. Is that how I wound up bursting into spontaneous song on the Riverfront? 🙂 I couldn’t remember exactly how it happened. Thank you ~Dee~ for giving me that lovely reminder. Although — I don’t know if “Poor Unfortunate Souls” by Ursula would be considered sexy. hee..hee…hee….

    I love this story. I love the fact that you, one of the most amazingly sensual, intelligent, sexy, empathic women I know, didn’t realize that we are ALL reaching out to each other in one degree or another via our blogs.

    Why do I love that? Simple… because it helps remind me that you are human too. I tend to put you up on a pedestal ~Dee~.. yeah.. shocking huh? You know so much, you feel so much, you share so much… that sometimes I forget you are also a woman on the same journey as the rest of us.. you just have a really good head start.


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