Undress Me Sexy

sexuality, sex blogs, sex , erotica female, erotica“This isn’t Halloween.  What are you supposed to be?” I asked, leaning back in my chair not able to understand what I was seeing.

“What?!?” Little Sister exclaimed, looking around confused. 

Little Sister is The Marine’s married almost 30 year old sister with two small children.  No matter how old she gets…because The Marine and I have been together almost 25 years….she is like a Little Sister to both of us.  So, at any given time, I will claim her as my own sister because I feel strong enough in her company to be myself.

“You are at the beach.  You are wearing jeans and a long shirt,” I said, reassessing her choice of clothing.

“Well…my butt is too big.  I don’t want to wear shorts,” Little Sister responded with a silly smile and hands waving at her butt.

“Look at what I am wearing: tiny bathing suit top and shorts.  My butt is not great in these shorts, but I don’t care.  It about the way that I feel…not how others feel.  You have a great figure.  You don’t need to hide it under layers of clothes, especially at the beach.”

“I don’t want to wear shorts.  I will be embarrassed,” Little Sister noted like I was slow and not able to fully understand the issue.

“I see.  Ok, here is what we will do to compromise.  We will go down to the boardwalk to buy you some flirty shirts and shorts that will flatter your figure.  I think you have a sex goddess in there.  We need to spend an hour working on that!”

Although she complained and whined (you know you did!), we visited shop after shop until we finally found a few sexy pairs of shorts and shirts to match.  As we walked out of the last shop (I made her wear an outfit back out onto the street!), the clerk who had been helping us told her that she was a sex goddess in that outfit.  I swear…I did not prompt her.

After several hours of telling her to stop pulling her shorts down or fiddling with the front of her shirt, she started to live the outfit by taking my advice:  “Own it!”

By the end of the trip, Little Sister had found a new side of herself as I taught her to “pop, lock, and drop.”  And somewhere, down deep inside of me, I was so proud as I stood next to her while she received her first tattoo on her shoulder: a butterfly.  Very symbolic of the weekend:  my little caterpillar transforms into a beautiful sexual butterfly before my eyes.  She is still Little Sister….but no longer a little girl.  ~~Dee

15 thoughts on “Undress Me Sexy

  1. Finn–I look forward to seeing you at the next *Cathouse* convention. We have to go somewhere we can walk around skimpy in public. I think that having someone accept you as you are help in all efforts. ~~Dee

  2. what a lovely story. You’re a good teacher.

    I know I am thinking differently after visiting your blog, very conservative before. When I finally get my boy crush he won’t know what hit him in the sex department.


  3. Teri–Pictures and long juicy descriptions please! 😉 As for me as a teacher, well…I just talk. I am just happy strong women with open minds like yourself participate in my journey! ~~Dee

  4. Beaches are metaphorical for change too!

    All those negative ions from the wave action, drift wood, which turns into treasure and the cleansing renewal of the foreshore by the surf!

    Sounds like it was a perfect day.

  5. MissM–I think all women have a butt issue. Oddly, men seem to like butt on a woman. And… some even yell and make comments as you walk down the street…..as I remember! ~~Dee

  6. Nothing makes a woman sexier than when she’s comfortable enough to love her own body. My Own Personal Goddess doesn’t have that youthful, almost-painful-to-touch hot body she had when we were both 18. Hey, neither do I, and my body didn’t bake two kids. Although, it’s beginning to look as if I have one in the oven. Anyway, what MOPG has now is the confidence to know I mean it when I tell her how sexy she is. No “pshaw”s, no “you must be blind”, no denials. Which in turn just makes her sexier than ever. Plus she eats like teenage boy…mmm…love a girl with APPETITES!

  7. Willsin–MOPG is a very lucky woman to have this understanding and comfort with herself. Self-esteem is a vital strong thing in a woman. The Marine and I have an agreement…no excise and diet freaks…just healthy. And it works because I love having someone that I can share a piece of cake with without feeling like I am being “tsk tsk tsked” all the time.

    Great for the sex drive too! 😉 ~~Dee

  8. Yes, I agree she’s lucky, but I’m luckier. I’ve had 20 beautiful years of her company.

    As for cake…I agree with that, too. If you don’t EAT your cake, you won’t have to ‘work it off’ together, will you? Nudge, nudge, know what I mean…

    I’ll say no more.

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