Teaching Girls about Women

sexuality, sex blogs, sex , erotica female, eroticaCurrently, I am in Savannah with my sister-in-law and her children.  Not having children myself, I am always taken by surprise when I hear children bungle their way through their odd way of understanding the world to stumble onto a truth even higher than what the “adults” know to be true.  One of these universal truths appeared to me tonight like the sunrise over the horizon when my 7 year old niece explained to The Marine that the “male consciousness” (I swear—she said those words) was not deep enough to understand women.

As this man, amazing to his very soul, stood being dressed down before my niece, I thought it time to teach the little girl a lesson about life and love.  Instinctively, I reached my hand to cup his face which brought the trouble in his green eyes to face me.  I could see it was disturbing him to hear a child so young stumble over the teachings that left hope destitute of love and respect.  Looking at him, I smiled and answered her with “my dear, this man is the best man on the planet.”

Her eyes, filled with cynicism from too much intelligence at too young an age, she faced me with her “I know everything” look, said without hesitations, “you just think he is the best man on the planet because you are married to him,” her tone mocking my own with sarcasm.

I smiled at him one more time, wishing I could rub  my thumb over the worry on this face to erase concern, as I leaned down to the smaller set of eyes like his with a lesson of my own….”no dear, I am married to him because I think he is best man on the planet.  That is the difference between pride in ownership and love.  Love is not blind….love sees everything….including the truth.”

She is thinking that over….and so am I.  ~~Dee

12 thoughts on “Teaching Girls about Women

  1. I don’t think it’s that the male consciousness isn’t deep enough, I think it’s that most men are just too lazy to bother trying to understand women. And I think women have to take responsibility for allowing it and raising men to expect everything to be their way.

  2. Finn–Both men and women need adjustment to attitude. It seems women should not allow men to run all over them and men should reach for a higher understanding than just saying “women!” ~~Dee

  3. MAYBE, I agree with your neice that men are unable to completely understand Women 🙂

    Miles Franklin, the Australian author of My Brilliant Career, refused a marriage proposal from the poet, Banjo Patterson because she said,

    “I am so complex I do not even understand myself. How can I ask a man to understand me?”

    Perhaps it is the “similarities” rather than the differences between men and Women, which make love and relationships so confusing?

  4. Nigel–Men dont understand women….yes, but not because they can not. Plenty of men are enlightened enough to play well with women. It does take some doing though! Our similarities make for many bumps, but the bruises come for our inability to be flexible….IMHO.~~Dee

  5. MissM–My sister and her two kids (age 7 and 9 years) with her hubby and The Marine. Went to get my sister a tattoo and did the hearst ghost tour. We were alittle wild. ~~Dee

  6. I believe I would react in much the same manner as The Marine. It feels as if the pendulum has swung away from men towards women, and I guess I’m holding out hope for the time it might rest in the middle somewhere. To hear that the next generation of girls might be indoctrinated with these beliefs makes hope fade a little.
    I was wondering…if a woman can see that a man doesn’t understand her way of thinking, can she explain it to him? That would get a better result than simply saying the increasingly common “men!”. I understand this requires the kind of man who is willing to listen and learn, though.
    Kind of gets back to the blog about the dogs. I’m kind of glad I’m raising two boys. Them, I understand!

  7. Willsin–I believe that the only way that we stop the negative opinion of men that is a rising tide is to reach young girls with the message of self esteem and reassurance. In other words, we dont need to discredit one group to make another group better. No…we walk together.

    Now, for talking to men…well, I have heard as many men exclaim “women, I will just never understand them!” In truth, I think that the communications channel can be improved between both groups in the next generation.

    I have qualified SexyWhispers…more times than I want to…that the ladies of the *Cathouse* dont hate men. We love men. But, we are not willing to be the “weaker sex” and we only want men around who are not willing to have women around that consider themselves apart of the “”weaker sex” mentality. I would love for more men to be strong enough to play here….and I welcome all who come to expand our communications. ~~Dee

  8. I agree absolutely. I’ve never believed women are the weaker sex. Strength comes in all forms, and we all know men have very big weaknesses. I certainly haven’t gained the impression that anyone in the Cathouse is a man-hater, and as a man there’s nothing I love more than the exquisite existence of women. As a writer of erotic fiction, I find all women inspirational.

    Feminism was and is a vital force and should be embraced and celebrated by all. Women SHOULD love being women. I know I love being a man, but I don’t confuse that love with pride. I’m not proud of my gender, or that I’m white, or heterosexual, or 38 years old. Those are all factors over which I have had no control.

    The real problem with any noble cause is when it is derailed by people with an agenda. In the case of feminism, the voice of the classic ‘overt man-hater’ seems to have become, in the minds of the more ‘precious’ of men, the voice which speaks for all feminists.

    It seems now that men are launching what they see as a ‘counter-offensive’. Some of it’s just in fun. Some is more serious. I’m in the middle of reading a book called “The Myth of Male Power” by Warren Farrell. It presents a view. It’s certainly interesting reading, and it gives some insight into the types of struggles men fight.

    What we really need are some evil overlords of a third gender so we can unite to fight against them.

  9. Willsin–All very good points, but, for myself…I dont do Feminism because it teaches exactly the same thing as society. Believe in my rules and dogma or else you are not the right type of woman. It leaves no space for the individual or acceptance that a woman might be (it could happen) more important in her own right than the outline of the group. So, they are just flavors of the same restrictive, oppressive guidelines for behavior. I have been called a blessing and I have been called a bitch. In truth, yes, I am both…and more. 🙂 ~~Dee

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