Sex Kitten Exposed!

sexuality, sex blogs, sex , erotica female, eroticaNow, everyone on the planet that has ever read SexyWhispers more than once knows that I love me some Scorpio!

I tend to end up in this sexy little foreplay of mental masturbations that runs all over the “look, but dont touch” rule.  As a Gemini, I am drawn to sexuality and communication…..and in walks a Scorpio waiting to be mentally petted and punished for my pleasures every time.  Its like the stars align to bring an orgasmic explosion.  Again this has happened, but not from my usual source of delicious Scorpios…..not from My Favorite Scorpio or even My Favorite Female Scorpio.  Instead, the newest addition to my sea of sexy Scorpios is Nigel from Mint Tinted Vanilla

It seems that with my post a few days ago, 7 Things I Learned about Men from My Dogs, I gained an undercover fan (not so much!).  You see, Nigel from Mint Tinted Vanilla was not so in love with this posting and, instead of leaving a comment, went back to his blog to write a very unflattering exposure of me (and women in general) in The 1 Things that I Learned about Women from My Kitten.  Now, familiar with the voyuer nature of Scorpios, I am not offended by his interest and I invite his participation in my world.  However, I would like to assure him (and many can attest to this fact) that my only agenda is helping women wake up to their sexuality.  BTW…that is not hidden.  It is fact. 

Although I have both mental and physical claws, I would like to share a few important points from the Sex Kitten (me) that Nigel missed:

  • I have never scratched any man who did not ask for it….repeatedly.
  • I only rub against men I am interested in having pet the pussy.
  • I can be the soul of contentment and the thriving beast ready to pounce at any moment…it depends on my mood.
  • When cornered, I fight…I never flee.
  • I love a game of cat and mouse…..and I will readily play with something before eating it.
  • Rats are executed, entrails pulled out, and left on the front steps as a warning to others.
  • When you are sad, unhappy, beaten down, or unloved, you can count on me to curl up to you and vibrate at just the right moment.


In so many ways, I am like a kitten….sexual / sensual……sweetly caressing / completely remote……quietly watching / ready to engage at a moments need. 

Even though your final words of challenge to me, “Your Serve Dee,” the comparison made me think of a man who had obviously been hurt more than once by someone.  But my words to you are thus:  IF you bring your game to the *Cathouse*, you become my play thing Scorpio because I know what I am…..I challenge you to find out!  ~~Dee

REMINDER:  The second annual Boobie War is in full swing.  To all who love to gaze at a nice set of boobies, get ready to enter Heaven!

15 thoughts on “Sex Kitten Exposed!

  1. You know I genuinely interpreted that post as an an encouragement to be more playful and assertive.
    I viewed it as a trying to give a concrete example that we could easily visualize in order to communicate/play with our men more easily.

    I didn’t view it as negative towards men in any way. That’s not the point of this blog.

    I wonder why he had to take it to that kind of place?

  2. Princess–True. That was just my reasoning….I wanted women to shake their head in agreement, but I think that he took my humor as a sign of disrespect. In short, my humor is a self effacing way to get all to understand the words instead of look at the pretty bow. 🙂 ~~Dee

  3. …hee..hee….hee… Nice ~Dee~…very nice!

    As a Sex Kitteh, myself, let me just add:

    ***if you see my tail-a-twitchin’ … I’ll pounce on you soon enough…and you’ll find out the reason…always be prepared! For good or prepared!

    ***I can be easily distracted by soft, fuzzy, pretty things, but I will always, ALWAYS come back to the matter at hand..eventually. 😉

    ***I may appear aloof or untouchable, but if you know how to stroke me just right, I will puuurrrr and undulate for you.


  4. Dee,

    Thank you for responding to my posting and adding me to your blogroll.

    Princess of the Universe,

    Sorry if my posting appeared malicious.

  5. Nigel–Welcome….please find yourself a comfy place to sit down and enjoy the opinions. And, stay an intelligent man…you will always be welcome here. We dont find too many intelligent men unfortunately. 😉 I KNOW…Generalization!~~Dee

  6. Tom–You know…you are such My Favorite Vanilla no matter how many I collect! 😉 If I ended up on your kitchen counter shedding hair into the butter…it would be a performance you would love to repeat time after time. ~~Dee

  7. I agree with Princess, I thought your post was very sweet and a good way to encourage women to be more active and playful in their sexuality and sexual play – when I visited the kitten post was I just stunned and taken aback by the negativity there because it just seemed to come out of nowhere. I guess he was really hurt by a woman in the past…

  8. Shay–Yes…I have to admit. It did make me want to hug him close and introduce him to some women that want a strong, intelligent man. All I could do was welcome him to the *Cathouse* to enjoy the best women on the blogosphere. ~~Dee

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