Boobie Wars: Its On!

sexuality, sex blogs, sex , erotica female, eroticaFor all interested parties (and WHO is not interested in boobies right??), the second annual Boobie War is in full swing.  To all who love to gaze at a nice set of boobies, get ready to enter Heaven!

Although this is my first year participating, I am very excited (see nipple action—that is my story and I am sticking with it!) to be showing the girls.  There are new pictures everyday from each contestant and a sweet collection of girlie gift certificates up for grabs.  So, feel free to vote for me…repeatedly…and come back again the next day.

For those asking, “Why would you do that?” I want to answer.  In October and again in February, I was faced with breast cancer lumps.  I started not to participate in the Boobie War because the lumps bothered me.  Even though the bruises and marks have disappeared, it leaves a woman with some self esteem issues….lots of “what ifs.”  Although I am the only one who can see the small marks, it is like an artist that sees the mistake instead of the inspiration.

Then a realization hit me…I do not live my life like that!  Not one single minute do I waste with what others will think about what they see.  So, the Boobie Wars are the perfect place for me to say to all those who are bothered by the awesome beauty of a woman’s breasts….”You are hypocrites that watch from behind a TV remote and judge in the darkness of your mind for what you wish you had enough courage to do.”

For those of you who love the boobies, The Marine has declared he will be a judge at the event…welcome, enjoy the boobies, and remember to vote, vote, vote….for me!   😉

I, for one, will live proudly with my girls (my boobies and the girls of the *Cathouse*) as we get together to celebrate the power of womenBoobies of the world unite!  ~~Dee

4 thoughts on “Boobie Wars: Its On!

  1. Proud of you ~Dee~!! I know how important it is for you to face your “fears” and step outside your box.

    Great job !!!

    Oh.. and NICE HOOTERS! hee..hee…


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