Humor is Sexy: Worth in Bed!

bedroom toysSo, does this make me a slut or exceptional in my carnal abilities?

Mmmm…for the right man, the answer is YES!  *laughing*

I received this in my email yesterday shortly after my offense of the male population with my posting complimenting their abilities to relate to dogs.  Oddly, The Marine was flattered beyond belief and proclaimed me insightfully worthy of inclusion of a trip to get ice cream with the group.  If this does not sound like so much….reread the posting from yesterday!

So, to lighten the mood at SexyWhispers, I decided to surf over and check out my worth in sack.  Well now, it does appear that I am in the wrong business.  Depressing, but completely a fun little quiz that took about 10 minutes.

Go check it out and let me know how you “make out” in bed!  *wink*  ~~Dee

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