7 Things I Learned About Men from My Dogs

oral sex, blow job, sex blogs, erotica female, eroticaFor many years, I was strictly a cat person.  Cats are so sexual and graceful with a side of confidence that seemed to mirror my own existence.  They are at once aloof and connected to everything around them.  So, when The Marine expressed the need for a dog, I thought it only natural since, at that time, I had four cats.  I went to Georgia and brought home our weimaraner “Beaux” (The Marine was VERY specific that he wanted a weimaraner, so I made “Beaux” a birthday present). Within a few days, some uniquely caring soul threw our little blonde bombshell “Philly” (part Lab / part Pit bull–see pic below) out on our doorstep.  That worked for me because I have never believed that any creature should be alone in their existence, so Beaux and Philly have been a pack of two every since.

For a long time, I could not understand the friendship between these three beings.  Man and dogs.  No real communication…one obviously Master and the other two obviously along for the ride…I thought it was because he liked to have mates (as my Australian friend says) he could rouse up to do man stuff without discussion or coordination.  He says, “Get in the truck” and they do.  Response is immediate and without question—anyone who knows me knows that I am never without questions. 

But, in time, I learned these 7 things from my dogs about men:

  1. Enthusiasm gets you a long way with a man.  If you show him that you are ready to participate in any game he can name, then you have a friend for life.  What I would encourage is an even stronger lesson…dont just be available for his whims, share some of your own.  Move to negotiate terms of surrender…yours or his…and get into every game with full investment.
  2. Putting your face in his crotch is a sign of love.  You know, men love to have their male parts stroked, kissed, touched….generally given the love and attention.  Remember last week’s discussion on oral sex?  Read, repeat…read, repeat…you get the idea.  If not, then you are probably at the wrong blog.
  3. Meeting him at the door and showing him love for just coming home is appreciated.  My dogs are at the door every day when the truck comes home.  They greet him there like he has been gone for months instead of hours.  He bends down to play with them and wrestle them around with a light heartedness that you rarely see around a man unless he is with dogs.  It is the simple act, I believe, of being appreciated just for breathing.  Every now and then, put the dogs outside and meet him at the door with a strong hug and a welcome smile.  Very “Leave it to Beaver,” I know…but everyone loves to be petted.
  4. When you have balls in hand ready for the game, he is much more likely to play.  Some women feel very uncomfortable taking the lead in a sexual situation.  However, investing in his passions with some passions of your own with definitely light his fire.  Even if your game has to be delayed until later, starting him now with a quick stroke or a discrete feel if you are in public (touch me tag is amazing!) will get you worked up like two teenagers on your first date.
  5. Men love a woman who will challenge them.  He will go and get the ball himself—for the right woman with the right attitude.  When thrown the ball with the command “Philly get the ball,” my female dog will watch him with a look that says, “You have to be kidding me.”  Then, she turns to trot off in the other direction while he walks over to pick up the ball with a smile and challenge of “one day I will get her to fetch the ball.”  Or…not.
  6. Keep it Simple.  Dogs are really simple in their needs: sex, eat, sleep, bathroom.  This should sound very familiar to women.  Sometimes, women are way too complicated to interact properly with men.  My dogs never refuse to talk to The Marine because he told them to move out of the way when the game was on TV.
  7. Confusion does work.  Both of my dogs have a look of confusion that is built right into their make up.  Incredibly smart…but every now and then, when they absolutely will not drink the kool-aid (whatever flavor it is!), they look confused.  Like their little dog brains cant understand or process what is being said.  At that time, he will stop and smile with tenderness while scratching their heads.  They got his attention without tantrums, yelling, or drama….and without words.

Beaux and Philly: 

Beaux and Philly

In truth, my dogs have taught me much about how to interact with men.  There is a special communication between them that accepts so much more than it gives—on both sides.  Some women will be uncomfortable with this comparison because they will not think of a man as their master.  Fair enough—I don’t think of any man as my Master either (outside of the occasional role playing sex game!).  But I believe that any woman, worthy of being a woman, makes a man stronger in who he is as a person with the understanding that it makes her stronger as a woman.  Any women with a backbone will take a stallion over a gelding any day.  ~~Dee

16 thoughts on “7 Things I Learned About Men from My Dogs

  1. Finn–Thank you. My dogs and I go everywhere together. We are like the three stooges. They especially love the bank b/c the teller gives the dog treats…although….they would settle for candy too! 😉 ~~Dee

  2. D, on one hand it’s a gross over-simplification to say that men are more like dogs. OTOH, as a generalization, it’s not far from wrong. Men will never wake you up at 2 am and say “Honey, we’ve got to talk. Where is this relationship heading?” If you we get pizza two nights in a row, we’re not going to turn it into an argument about how it reflects on your lack of consideration for us. If you forget that Tuesday was the 9th month “anniversary” of our first kiss, that’s okay, ‘cos we’ve forgotten it, too.

    But I want to also stress that your points 1 and 3 are absolutely spot on. We – in general – don’t interpret getting flowers and cards as being loved, but we do appreciate overt, unmistakable, physical signs of affection. It helps us to feel more secure with what you say.

  3. Tom–I always feel honored when you comment because I value your wisdom. One point of fact though…I never said men were like dogs. I said they relate to dogs in a way that could teach women valuable lessons.

    That said, yes…dogs are a simplistic form of that deeper connection between a man and a woman. I completely agree that men interprete physicalities as reinforcing signs of love. I am much this way myself (remember the “think of sex like a man” comment?), so I do understand that nothing speaks louder than a touch. ~~Dee

  4. What a great post.

    My favorite line, “Any women with a backbone will take a stallion over a gelding any day.” Yummy.

  5. Brilliant! And so true. I sometimes wish I was as simple as a man, and really thinking about it most of these are good for women too. Who doesn’t like to be touched as a demonstration of affection? Or greeted at the door with a big smile? Or challenged in some way that keeps you interested? I so need a man to practice with!

  6. Jen–Thank you. Sometimes I wish being a woman were as simple as being a man…or maybe they just make it look simple. I am sure it is really quite hard on them too. Yes, great observation. Many of these are good advice for men too!~~Dee

  7. I simply love this blog! It’s been written by someone with the sense and security to know that we men are intrinsically simple…on the surface. Our surfaces are far thicker than women’s (generalising here, I realise) but we still have a whole bunch of turmoil and insecurity going on. I know you didn’t actually compare men to dogs, but I’ve always thought it was an apt comparison. If it moves, we will watch it (and probably chase it). If it bites us, we will kill it. If it loves us…we belong to it (or, of course, HER) for life. Who among us would get rid of a being who isn’t afraid to show us how much he/she loves us? Then again, we blokes communicate much like dogs do, too. If words MUST be used, a quick bark says it all (“yes”, “no”, “beer”, “sex”). What’s that, dear? You wanna poem? Okay…there once was a man from Nantucket…e

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