Not Shocked…but Disturbed

oral sex, blow job, sex blogs, erotica female, eroticaAs I have said before, I am not easily shocked.  Sometimes the right combination of words can inspire visuals so fast and strong that my eyes water from the sensations.  So, I am completely hip to the mental masturbations that seize the mind without control or warning.

“Wanna hear crazy?  This is going to blow your mind!”

“Ok,” I say,  humoring my informant because our discussions are usually so much fun.  I put my feet up on my desk and laugh at the silliness of this discussion.  I love these light hearted jokes on my state of education.

When the phone call came today to inform me of a newsflash, I was a little…what is the word….disturbed. 


It seems that there is a new form of erotica (visual erotica that is—call it porn if you want!). 

“Alrightly….shock me if you can!”

“Watching a woman get waxed,” he stated so a matter of factly that I thought I had misunderstood.

Ok…so I was sure that I heard correctly…and I was not shocked because I have heard much worse, but I was certainly disturbed.

Question is…why?  ~~Dee

10 thoughts on “Not Shocked…but Disturbed

  1. Laughing. Too funny. I guess if you’ve searched even a little on the net it’s hard to be shocked but very easy to be disturbed.

    Just make it leave my head!

    By the way I think is available. Someone could make a fortune.

  2. Okay… I gotta admit that I find this one…. odd…. but not nearly as disturbing as the erotica that involves bodily waste… Still… watching a woman getting waxed?? Hmmm… nope… does nothing for me…

    Maybe I should go along with Ranger when he gets his back done and see if it turns me on? hee..hee…

  3. Kitty–yes yes…there are some things that even I consider TOO intimate to share with anyone other than a trained medical professional. Bodily waste is one of them! 🙂 ~~Dee

  4. Jen–After healing with a nice creme…but the during….well, I guess it really would be no different than any other fetish…like spanking…assuming you can suspend your disbelief of the pain. I have been waxed. Nothing sexy there for me! *shiver* ~~Dee

  5. Heck, there’s a sexual fetish for everything… even vomiting… *shudder*

    there’s also a fetish for people who want to amputate a limb… knew a guy who had this…

    the world is a very very strange place! 😡

  6. ok the blonde girl is going to be stereo typical … “i don’t get it”

    seriously?? you wanna watch me get a brazian??


  7. Girl–I would want to know that little piece of info about a man before getting close to him. I bet my little sexual fetishes that he had some other oddities that might be disturbing. ~~Dee

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