Sex: The Difference between Women and Men

oral sex, blow job, sex blogs, erotica female, eroticaIf you are starting to read this and realize that I am actually saying that there is a difference between women and men, then please hold back your overwhelming urge to electronically smack me on the head while yelling “duh!”  Over the years, my career has taken me exclusively into each camp to watch how each gender works in the business world.  It did again on Thursday when I again entered into the male dominated field of industrial engineering.  (BTW–I LOVE being surrounded by men!)

Early on, believe it or not, I was a librarian.  This is such a female dominated field (yes, I know there are exceptions) that the sexuality is often questioned of male librarians.  On the other hand, I have been involved in industrial markets where men are the predominate gender.  As a Marketing Manager in the industrial field, being born without balls only qualifies you for one thing …and it is not thinking. Men have informed me that “they did not talk to women” or “I must be important to be allowed to sit in the conference room with men.” 

Sure, we laugh at these ideas as traditional or dated.  Sounds like something that would exist in remote parts of the United States where there is no access to sunlight or people that do not share your last name, but each of these incidents share one thing in common:  a misunderstanding between the gender roles.

In our home, The Marine and I each do what we are best at doing.  I do not have an interest in cooking.  The Marine cooks well…so, he does this for our family.  The Marine absolutely hates to clean the bathroom.  For me, the bathroom MUST be cleaned in a very specific way, so I clean the bathroom.

What happens to the tasks we both dislike?  We take turns matching the socks, dusting the room, and washing / folding the clothes.  The oddity is not that we work these issues out.  The oddity to me is that others do not.

Over the weekend, a girlfriend of mine confided to me that she would never respect a man who did housework.  She said it would kill all respect and sexual interest to see him cleaning dishes at the sink.

I have been thinking about that statement for two days and I have just one small comment…

Seeing The Marine cook or wash clothes or doing little chores around the house says to me that he is taking extra special care of me while respecting my status as a human being …and makes me want to take extra special care of him!! 

What non-sexual thing can a man do to turn you on? 

My confession:  I love a man who pays for dinner and knows how to treat me like a lady without treating me like a little girl.  Few men know the difference.~~Dee

14 thoughts on “Sex: The Difference between Women and Men

  1. I find very attractive a man that does housework, specially when they’re not that great at it, but still give it their best shot.
    What can a man do non-sexually to turn me on? Speak passionately about something he truly enjoys doing, a cause, a good deed. A man with integrity is always very sexy to me.

  2. Jen–Yes, a man with a passionate cause is breath taking. The Marine loves his country and My Favorite Scorpio loves business….both are completely devoted to discussing their point of view. I love it when I can feel that passion come off a man in waves! ~~Dee

  3. Dutchie–I believe it is sexual energy funnelled into a maleness that I find so sexy. So, even though he is not doing anything “technically” sexual, wash dishes and I am all over him! ~~Dee

  4. Oooo.. if we are talking about “house stuff”.. that’s easy.. Make the bed.. Oh yeah… I was watching Ranger making the bed…trying to figure out my complicated “pillow system” and get it just right… and he’s very particular about his own bed, so I know it’s not just me… and boy howdy…. I practically jumped his bones right then and there and messed the bed up all over again. ha..ha.ha..

    Not house stuff…. working out… God I love watching a man lift weights. The grunts, the groans, the sweating… yummy! All that, just to build bigger muscles to use on my body. w00t! 😀

  5. Kitty–It would be impossible to live with The Marine and not appreciate the masculinity that goes into watching him workout. Making the bed is good…but messing it up…I am all up into that!!~~Dee

  6. any non sexual contact in non sexual situations … makes me very sexually aware of a guy

    i’m a total giver when it comes to relationships … of any kind … so a guy that will take care of me … like re-wrapping my splinted ankle for me … gggrrrrr

  7. ThatGirl–I know, men rarely try the non-sexual, but I wonder if that is because they are geared that way or because they dont think that we will respond. After all, they are not masters of the obvious.~~Dee

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