Sex Goddesses Guide to Seduction 101

oral sex, blow job, sex blogs, erotica female, eroticaSo, spending time in Savannah brings to light all of my deeper sexual spiritual energies.  Two of my favorite topics have always been horoscopes and sex.  I wanted to share a webisode series from my favorite Astrosexologist Kiki T!

When she told me that she had completed a series on how to seduce your favorite sign–both male and female–for, I had to run right over and join the fun.

I heart Gemini and Scorpio meat, but it was too much temptation to spend a few minutes learning how to stroke the fires of each sign.  In short, I was quickly seduced (Gemini right?!?) and had to watch each one.

Check out the Celestial Charm School with Kiki T. (Hi Girl…you rock!) ~~Dee

6 thoughts on “Sex Goddesses Guide to Seduction 101

  1. Ha ha….i am a Scorpio and as my sign indicates I am selfish as hell. I just watched the Female Scorpio to see how accurate it was and left the rest out. The way i figured is that he would worry about pleasing me.

    I know….total Scorpio

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