Sex on the Loose in Savannah

oral sex, blow job, sex blogs, erotica female, eroticaAs I spent most of today catching up with The Marine *evil grin*, I have not downloaded my pictures yet of the incredible trip to Savannah.  Ok ok…I will.

But, here is a quick list of some of the amazing happenings while we were there:

  • Guy thrown down stairs to land at my feet on the way to get a psychic reading
  • Met the President of Georgia
  • Called every guy we knew every night with a “sex question of the night”
  • Approached total strangers and asked them details of their sex life (received answers too!)
  • Watched a school of dolphins swim through at sunrise in the historic district of Savannah
  • Enjoyed the First Saturday festival with bands and dancers
  • Savored some fabulous food (and drinks and sweets)
  • Walked through the squares of Savannah with a cup of Starbucks in the morning mist
  • Smiled at the sexuality of two fearless women (MissKitty in her kill a man corset and MissM with her rockin ass!)

Tickled, giggled, laughed, talked, curled up, and hung out together.  In short, it was all the things that I would have wanted from the first annual meeting of the Cathouse convention including two amazing women to share it with me.

If you want to see a show of the pictures (no…not mine…I know…I will get it done!!), then you can visit my partners in crime MissM and CinnKitty who have their game way more together than I do!  ~~Dee

4 thoughts on “Sex on the Loose in Savannah

  1. **Sweaty MacSweats.. the waiter with the hots for me at Boar’s Head

    **Tamvor (or how ever you said it) the waiter at Outback who not only told us how big his dick was, but SHOWED US how big his tongue was

    **Julie — the worlds BEST Concierge !!

    **Charlie — the worlds WORST ghost! I mean really.. no light in the bathroom?? how lame…ha.ha..ha..

    **lighting a candle at the Catholic church and holding close to my heart, the wish for all those who do public service to be safe.. from Ranger my hot fuzz, local county cop to the the Army Ranger we met who was going overseas this week.

    ***A buried Green grows no Spanish Moss… ha..ha.ha..

    ***The Hottie MacHOT Marine at dinner Saturday night that both of you ladies refused to talk to. Mmmm… did I mention that I touched him all over and he was very, VERY kitteh scratch worthy?? meow!

    I’m sure MissM can add some more to the list.. hee..hee…

  2. Kitty–Sweaty guy fell under the “what happens in Savannah stays in Savannah” category! *shiver* As for table of HOTmarines, I have one. Did not feel it was fair to take over the whole Corps!~~Dee

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