Oral Sex Erotica: Oral Satisfactions

oral sex, blow job, sex blogs, erotica female, eroticaYou are there…in my soul…in my senses…as you have always been long before I could admit it to myself or you.  Past my sexually empathic nature, I can feel the breath of your being leaving me vulnerable and naked before you.  Our eyes meet as flames of passion claw up in waves of sexual energy that shakes the room and vibrates in the air between us.  No movement….not me toward you….not you toward me.  Just watching  …waiting …wanting ….my body and mind screaming for your touch ….begging for the right words.  But, those words of oral satisfaction won’t come.

The visuals of our sweaty bodies mercilessly flash before my eyes sending pulses of pleasure through my aching nipples and gathering deep between my thighs in throbbing electricity echoing my heartbeat in my ears.  Your warm, sexy voice caresses my soul and seduces my thoughts…dreams…as I watch you move.

In this game of sensuality…fixated around my oral needs….I can feel you watching me too as I slowly slide the tip of my tongue along my bottom lip leaving drops of moisture thickened by the thoughts of you and flavored with the taste of my wine.  Sucking my top lip in between my teeth, I bite down a little to ease the tingling sensation provoked by my oral fixation at the sight of you. 

“I want you,” I whisper into the air between us.  You smile at the words with confidence barely acknowledging their existence and lean back into the conversation with your friends. 

My eyes masturbate your body stopping just below your belt to appreciate your arousal.  My hands shake a little from the thought of touching you….now….finally.  The feel of you hard and long with my slender fingers wrapped around you…your hips grinding with every stroke of my hand.  I wet the pad of my thumb with saliva and roll it over the throbbing tip to hear your breath catch and release on a moan of want you will never express with words.

Leaning down, I slowly run the head of your erection across my cheek and down the soft skin of my throat to capture you between my breasts leaving proof of your passion in the thin liquid path of cum on my skin.  As I gently flick the tip of my tongue over your swollen head, your breath catches in a groan of pleasure as your hips rise to meet my hungry mouth.  Not yet…I have waited too long to touch you….taste you….see you watching me enjoy your body as I move my tongue down the hardness of your shaft with the need to suck you deep into my mouth fueling the beginning of my own orgasm.

Interrupting my fantasies with your hand on my arm, your fingers blatantly massage the fullness of my breast. You lean close to my ear, your voice probing and intimate, “tell me what color panties you have on.”  I see a playful command as I look up into your eyes. 

“I cant,” I smile sweetly without breaking eye contact as I lean into you pressing my breast against your knuckles and daring you to move away.   “I’m not wearing any,” I whisper just loud enough for you to hear. 

Your hand flinches against my arm and your eyes travel to the smooth skin of my thighs expose at the edge of my skirt.  Watching you, I part my legs slightly as I drop my hand down to the edge of my skirt and run my finger along the hem.  “Stutter for me baby…it makes me feel powerful.”

Tonight, even without your words, oral satisfaction will be mine.

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