Oral Sex and Fetishes

oral sex, sex blogs, erotica female, erotica“As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.”– Marianne Williamson

Sometimes, I start down a path of sexual disclosure and it ends up in a path of sexual discovery.  So, it has been this week with our discussions of oral sex.  I am so surrounded by the women in our small community that won’t even talk about oral sex that I often forget they do not represent the world or women as a whole.  I have discovered this week that many women enjoy the giving and receiving of oral sex.  It is with a deep breath of relief that I have learned this.  For I have spent years believing that I am the only woman on the planet that goes soft at the thought of oral sex.

At first, I tried to rationalize the feeling.  Hello Freud!  I mean, I practically put everything in my mouth.  I like to touch things with my tongue and lips.  I love to taste and sample things with my mouth.  I have always chewed on pens, drank from a straw, find myself sucking the end of my fingers as I concentrate, and nibble on my bottom lip.  When I find a man attractive, my lips tingle.  For me, the world is an oral experience.  Much to the chagrin of my friends and family, I have always stuck my tongue out at people when I was acting silly.  (BTW…I can roll my tongue at the end and in the middle—both at the center horizontally and vertically!  I know….freaky, but flexible!)

Even more, I started to realize that oral fetish is something deeper than just plain pleasure.  It’s like mint chocolate chip ice cream pleasure.  Or, amazing new pair of shoes pleasure.  Or, that pair of sexy panties that make your ass look amazing pleasure.  Ok…so you get the idea!   Freudian….perhaps or perhaps not.  It’s an argument that can not be proven or disproven as who can really say where sexual desires and sexual pleasures start?  My point is…as long as there are a group of women who understand and accept the pleasures of oral satisfaction, I will continue to throw this question out for your consideration. 

  • Oral fetish?  Anyone care validate the existence? 
  • While you wrestle with this question, I assume that everyone knows that there is such a thing as a tongue vibrator!


I know people become really uncomfortable at the thought of a fetish because they like to categorize “fetish” in the realm of the outside of the mainstream behaviors.  But, in truest definition, a “fetish” is any object or non-sexual part of the body that becomes the object of a sexual desire in order to gain sexual fulfillment.

For me, the difference seems to be in need verses wants.  I know what I want, but what I feel in my sexual soul…that is a sexual need….and not a sexual need just anyone can fill!  ~~Dee

7 thoughts on “Oral Sex and Fetishes

  1. Selena–Whoa! Does that describe me or what? Perhaps we are twins…seperated at birth…finding out that we are really meant to be sisters. No wait, that was the movie on TV last night. Perhaps, oral fixations are just more common than I thought. ~~Dee

  2. Hmmm…I’m orally fixated, but not when it comes to a penis. 🙂 I enjoy giving oral pleasure but it’s not something I think about all day long nor does it play a part in the majority of my fantasies. Sooo….I guess it’s not a fetish for me.

  3. Kitty–I think of it as a compulsion. Deeply rooted into my thought patterns. I dont think I coud even consider a man sexually who did not have the same compulsion. I nibble, bite, lick, suck, chew…its just so a part of me. ~~Dee

  4. Ummm…. okay.. I do have *some* compulsions… two of which I finally made completely CLEAR to Mr. Ranger that if I wasn’t allowed to do them, we were going to have issues.

    I’ve been a very good, good girl for the last four weeks… no biting or scratching… not even a little bit.. but it finally overpowered me and I realized that MY pleasure is lessoned SO much by having to restrain myself from my natural impulses!

    We talked it out and set some ground rules (for his appearance sake..which I understand.. the whole “Public Servant” thing) and now… I get to indulge in MY compulsions…

    w00t… so the biting thing.. that’s an oral fetish.. heh.heh..heh.. the scratching.. well.. ummm….

  5. Kitty–Biting….yes. Scratching just happens with me. I have always had long nails that dig in at the appropriate moments. You just have to enjoy these pleasures in places where the public can not see them. BTW–Marines are the same. They consider it damage to miliatary property. I never understood that. If my little self could inflict that type of damage….then the poor little dear should not be going to war!! 😉 ~~Dee

  6. “If my little self could inflict that type of damage….then the poor little dear should not be going to war!”

    ha..haha… Oh.. I’m *SO* gonna tell Ranger that! That’s pretty much the agreement that he finally came to with me “nowhere visible”. Which, in a way, was a little insulting to me.. I mean. it’s not like I’m going to be marking up his neck and arms.. yeesh! But I did my best to understand and now I have a whole new playground of chest, back, butt and thighs to play with. hee..hee…

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