Sexy Radio

sex radio, sex blog, erotica“Amazing,” he is shaking his head and looking off in space. 

“You are starting a radio show?”  It is a statement even though it sounds like a question.

“Probably one of those porn things right?”  He is laughing, but it is only in acceptance. I smile and resist the urge to reach over and stroke his hand.  He struggles with the want to keep me for himself and the knowledge that he must share who I am.

“When…and can I listen?”  His eyes meet mine with a sparkle of interest and admiration. 

“Soon…,” I say.

“What will you talk about?” I can see excitement bringing the idea to life in his mind.

To all who read this…consider yourself told.  Soon…radio show…me.  What will I talk about?  No idea really…same things that I usually write about.  Plus, I will hit up the girls of the *Cathouse* to let me interview them!

I know…you are probably wondering what this has to do with oral sex.  Think about it… it will be aural and oral….and it will be about sex!

I will post the schedule ahead of time on SexyWhispers so you can listen up and participate if you want.  Back in January, I said that I would be starting down this road.  Here is the “road less traveled.”  Let see if it makes all the difference!!  ~~Dee

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