Oral Sex: What EVERY man “should” know

oral sex, sex blogs, erotica female, eroticaEveryone around me is avoiding me right now.  They all know better than to cross my path at this particular time (except for My Favorite Scorpio—Kisses to him for being man enough to face me this morning!).  Why?…nope… not PMS!

The Marine has been out of town on a business trip.  Not having him around is literally like missing a large piece of my sexual soul.  For me, a man must really take lots of time to get to know me mentally to charge me up sexually.  And, being so far away makes it very hard for me to think sexually.  *pouting*

Normally, this would be a great time for some tasty phone sex, but I have also been head down in a ton of work this week trying to get clear before the Girl Gone Wild weekend.  I know, I have not talked about that weekend in Savannah that is sure to live in infamy very soon, but I am really super psyched about it.  But first, we have lots of oral tidbits to enjoy. 

Here goes…of course, I started with the ladies because I think that most women have a super hard time just relaxing and letting their men take care of their oral needs.  I know I do.  I always want to participate.  Be in the middle of the action.  But, I really believe that nothing in the world makes a man feel more “like a man” than being able to put that glow of an earth shaking orgasm on the face of his woman!  Being a marketer by nature, I am not such a fan of the “if you build it, they will come” methodology; however, in pure truth, men are easily led to the fruit with one small secret in mind: if you are happily satisfied, you are willing to pop his cork too! 

Now…first, lets all hold hands and drink the Kool-Aid (pick whatever flavor makes you sexy).  That is, we will commit to three things on every post:

  1. I will not feel ashamed or guilty that I give or receive oral sex!  Done correctly, oral sex can be an incredible pleasure and increase intimacy between partners.
  2. I will read and consider everything here with an open mind.  Don’t feel like you have to try what you are not comfortable with, but please…think about it.
  3. I will get over whatever hang-ups that I have about my own body including smell, taste, and shape.

Now, with these things out of the way, the things that I hear the most about women receiving oral sex from a man is that men just don’t know HOW to do it properly!  Yes, I remember a conversation with My Favorite Scorpio in which I asked him, “Why do men always feel like they know everything about sex?  I mean, you are not born knowing how to drive a car or add.”  Well Ladies, oral sex is no different and this is where we start to teach you how to teach him.

Because this is such a wonderful community of women, I wanted leverage the knowledge base of my collection of ladies in the *Cathouse.* (Hey, I want to learn some new tricks too!)  This is my hit list from around the *Cathouse* and around the web:

  • My Favorite Pink Pussy wrote a post for MissM for Naughty Tuesday on the wonders of having a lady purr with oral delight.  What I love about this post is that it is a no nonsense (translation: even a man can understand it!) approach to getting the oral job done for a woman.  No fancy Latin terms like “Cunnilingus” to trip over on their way down south of the border!  Go Kitty Go! 
  • 14 Oral Sex Tips:  What can I say….WOW!  What is great about this posting is that it is written by a man for men.  So, the little dears can finally get some tongue on tips about how to handle the clit and the g-spot.  Plus, as an added bonus, there are TONS of comments and suggestions from readers.  Really great info!
  • Cunnilingus Techniques:  There are some incredible techniques that EVERY man should practice in front of the bathroom mirror 20 times a day until he can do them in the dark!


A few tips for the ladies (because I suffer greatly from the “pleaser syndrome” or being a control freak):

  1. Sit back and take it easy.  Learn to share the pleasure of pleasing with your partner.  If you are always trying to be the one that provides pleasure in the relationship, then not only is that tiring…you are cheating your lover out of the experience of seeing you orgasm under his efforts.
  2. Use a blindfold or sleep mask.  Do you get uncomfortable or loose the ability to focus on the feelings of having a sexy man diving deep between your thighs?  Ask him to blindfold you with a scarf or put a sleep mask on you.  This way you can recline while he dines!
  3. Give yourself permission.  Close your eyes and move into your mind.  Imagine what makes you feel sexy.  Enjoy the sensations, contrasts, and feeling of him on your thighs. 
  4. Tell him.  Don’t be scared to speak up and tell your man what you like.  If you can’t say the words, then encourage him with hip movements, moans, or saying his name (is there a man on the planet that does not love to hear his name when you cum?).
  5. Narrate.  This may sound a little crazy, but tell him what he is doing.  Use those dirty little words to show him how much you are enjoying being licked or sucked.
  6. Lastly…don’t perform.  Stay in the moment and clear your mind of everything except the stud munching your muffin.

Well now, this is where oral sex starts.  Comments, questions, emotional outbursts?  Tips, tricks….Share.  We are ready!

Coming up in the next few posts are: oral sex for women, advanced oral sex tips / techniques, oral erotica / erotic games, and possibly oral fetishes with OBE oral sex

Remember, the fear last a minute, but the freedom lasts a lifetime!  ~~Dee

14 thoughts on “Oral Sex: What EVERY man “should” know

  1. Kitty–When you cant see…it literally does make your other sense way more sensitive. Plus, it makes him feel powerful to be able to take that sense away from you. Men love to watch–they are visual. Women love to feel–they are tactile. So, play to your strengths! (and his).~~Dee

  2. Very well said. If I may also every so arrogantly suggest that and reinforce that there is NOTHING dirty about oral sex. It is when you havent washed yourself, and if it has been hours before your last shower, do excuse yourself and shower, and if I dare to say invite the boy to come and shower with you. You NEVER KNOW what you will discover in there.

  3. MissM–Leave to your lusciousness…I love shower sex! Soap…warm water…slick skin. You can make washing and sucking a whole adventure in the shower. Makes me feel like such a goddess to be washed. ~~Dee

  4. This is a great post, and I’m sending hubby some links LOL. Okay, nothing is dirty about it – but what about when you feel too FAT to enjoy it?! I do! I feel like I’m too fat and I wonder what view he’s getting from “down there” – its the entire reason I won’t sit on his face even though he would LOVE if I did…how do we fix THAT problem?

  5. Randi–First, EVERY woman in the world feels fat at sometime during their waking hours of her day. The question is not what to do when you “feel” fat (notice you used the word that shows perception–feel–and not reality). The question is what to do to accept the woman you are as incredible. Hang in there….I have a special post coming up on just this topic! You have my word. And the ladies will tell you that I NEVER break my word about sex or women. ~~Dee

  6. Dee…you are definitely on my favourite subject..lol…going downtown can be…pretty tricky and frustrating..if the other half doesnt know what to look for and REFUSE to be taught! Har! (eyes rolling)

  7. Hanie–My theory on men who will not learn is they do not earn. Men are simple beings. If they dont bring home the big O with some great technique then they wont get the big O with my great technique! Most men will give if they are challenged to a game to learn how. (Ego issues…they cant just say they dont know how to do something sexual!) But, making some sexy flash cards with techniques to try on them can make a game out of it. ~~Dee

  8. Yeah that ego issues although having said that – my current beau (mm….;-)) is such an eager student…so I guess, like you said, he earns his big Os..(see the plural?) lol..great topic. I look forward to the next one on how to address the “fat feeling”. I guess it all boils down to feeling so self conscious. The thoughts of cellulites, stretch marks..etc etc that you might think turn off your men. But in reality they didnt even know these things exist!

  9. Giving oral sex to a woman is my second favorite sex act. Spanking is #1, but it’s a close second. I love licking my wife and I take my time. Too many men think the clitoris is all there is (if they can find it in the first place) and too many women are squeamish about being licked down there.

    Start by gentle kisses on her thighs and use your hands to massage her bottom. Then move on to kissing her labia and use fingers to stroke her inner thighs. Next, light and gentle licks on the outside of her vagina from bottom to top and then back. Try circles in both directions followed by swipes across horizontally. Use your fingers to spread her labia open and probe her with your tongue. This entire foreplay should avoid her clitoris until she is wet from inside with her secretions.

    (Note here, unless you are ill, a woman’s secretions are yummy-yummy)

    Once she’s flowing, move on to licking the clit but keep returning to the entire area. Go back and forth until you sense her orgasm building. When her hips start flexing, insert just the tip of your finger into her vagina and stroke in and out in time with her movements.

    When she’s about to orgasm, use rapid flicks of your tongue on her clitoris and push at least one or more finger(s) quickly and as deep as possible into her. Keep licking her until she stops moaning/screaming/writhing. Ease off the licking and begin kissing her labia again, but as soon as she calms down, attack her clitoris again and push her to another orgasm. You can probably give her three or four orgasms in a matter of minutes.

    Collect your reward.

  10. Brian–Arent you a good bunny? I hope you get petted lots in return! I wonder how many men know where the clit is located. Either way….love love love you for adding this. We need a sensible man…and so far….I have had two! What a lucky girl I am.~~Dee

  11. i’m one of those that suffers from being unable to cum by penetration …. suffers?? …. hhhmmm …. LOL!!

    i will gladly lay back and take it … OH HELL NO!! … i’m watching!!

  12. TG–I meant to follow up on that in this series because many women can not cum from pentration. So, they end up feeling broken and dont understand. Unfortunately, women are not as lucky as men when it comes to the watching part. I mean, with a six inch (or more *evil grin*) penis, it is pretty easy to sit back and watch. To watch oral on a woman would require mirrors or a complicated double jointed yoga move!~~Dee

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