Oral Sex of all Types

sex sex blogs erotica female eroticaSomething very cool is going to happen this week.  It is not coincidence.  Today marks the 6 months anniversary of the day that I first started SexyWhispers.  I was strangely scared to step out into to bright lights of the blogosphere armed only with my beliefs and understanding of how the women of the world could feel about sex with the right community and encouragement.  The last 6 months have been an incredible period of growth for me.  So much so, that I am not content again in the small box of sexual comfort that I have built around me.  I mean, yes, I am comfy in my plush surrounding of sexual satisfaction, but the world is not….not yet.

There are many different topics that “nice girls” still don’t discuss in polite society even among themselves.  One of the biggest sexual taboos on the planet still revolves around the idea of oral sex.  And, on the 6 month anniversary of SexyWhispers, we will enjoy the pleasures of exploring oral sex together.

For those who want to join us in, what promises to be an honest discussion of the passions of the oral sex world, welcome to our journey.  As I will post techniques, both from myself and others, erotica, facts, and ideas that span the best of what this community has to offer, please feel free to join in with comments, erotica of your own, oral sex tips, or sex fantasies.  If you are too shy to add your own words to our forum, then please feel free to follow the conversations (it might well just be me talking to myself!—done that before!!).

However, even if I find myself talking to myself out there in the middle of the blogosphere, then I will continue this week’s discussion alone if necessary. If you want to write a blog posting and tell me where to link it up in celebration of our oral sex week, then I will do that.  Many ladies of the *Cathouse* have contributed posts describing the best tips and techniques for oral sex for men and women!  If you know a man or woman who could use this advice, then please feel free to email them a sexy hint.

What I won’t do is respond to anyone who feels that we should not talk about oral sex.  I refuse to acknowledge those who seek to shackle the boundaries of the human mind—the female mind, spirit, and sexual soul—with their outdated traditional values that stifle what makes life worth every breath…pleasure.

In this manner, we will understand that oral sex goes way beyond a simple sexual act so frequently portrayed in porn movies (pornography is another post…another week), but to me the act of oral sex is truly has a strong sense of mental oral fetish mixed into the physical realm of  sexual satisfaction.  

Get ready….here is where our game turns oral and gets interesting!  ~~Dee

2 thoughts on “Oral Sex of all Types

  1. Good morning my delightful ~Dee~!! I am looking forward to this discussion…. hopefully on both the giving and receiving of oral sex. Let’s face it, there is always something new to learn. 🙂

    I’d like to go even further out on the limb and suggest that at some point, we discuss the concept, the taboo, the “hidden behind closed doors” topic of anal sex.. heh..heh..heh…


    LESS than two weeks from now…. Savannah baby!!! 🙂

  2. Kitty–I really have no problems at all about discussing anal sex. I will have to rely rather heavily on source information as I dont have much knowledge. Now, that said…I think am willing to give it a go! Mark anal sex and masturbation high on my list of taboo talks! ~~Dee

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