Orgasmic Valentines Day Pleasures

sex sex blogs erotica female eroticaThere are five terrific reasons that today has been the most incredibly orgasmic Valentines Day on the planet for me.



  • Yesterday, The Marine came into my office with an armful of flowers.  I said, “Valentines Day is tomorrow” to which he responded “This is for NOT Valentines Day!  You seemed be having a hard week, so I wanted to make you smile.”  I did…lots.


  • My Favorite Pink Pussy-Not only did I get a wonderful electronic card in my mailbox this morning from my dearest Pink Pussy, but I received this blog award:

erotica, sex, sexy, sex blog

Me?  Speak my mind.  Oh yeah…true.  I do!  Cringe.


  • I went to my mailbox today and found a bright pink envelope with the SEXY Valentines Day card from My Princess (more like My Queen!) that said I made her want to wear sexy underwear
sexy, sex blog, sex

I might have blushed….perhaps not.  I did have a strong moment of visualization from the black lace with red crystals.  It was too perfect and she is too wonderful.


  • I decided to make the next week on the blog oral sex week!  I put out a request from some of outspoken ladies in the *Cathouse* to repost their great oral tips blogs and they responded with support for the movement.  So stay tuned….we will cover everything about the art of oral sex!  If you have tips or trick…get them warmed up.  We will get oral in the next week.


  • Last, but not least, in the next few hours, I get to reward one spunky lady with the OhMiBod vibrator.  While there is still time register to win, there is tons of SexyWhispers love for the women who stepped forward to give their fantasy and tips to the women of the world.  Thank you ladies for joining me. 


 Speaking of great sex!  Enter to win the OhMiBod Vibrator Giveaway! ~~Much love and passionate kisses….Dee

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