Dangerous Liaisons and Sex with Strangers

sex sex blogs erotica female erotica“A girl walks into a bar and…”

We have all heard at least one joke that starts like this.  Unfortunately, I have lived this joke a couple dozen in times in many states throughout the US, Canada, and some lesser known places in the Caribbean.  Usually, it is quite funny and I end up wondering “how do I get myself into these things?” as The Marine sits back and smirks.  But, this once, it was not funny.  It was so not funny I had to keep looking around to make sure that I was not dreaming.

See, I know this couple who are swingers.  At dinner one night, she gave me the complete encyclopedia version of their lifestyle with pictures and stats.  Ok…good enough.  I am not closed minded to what others do sexually.  All I require is that:

  • Everyone involved is of the age of consent,
  • Does give their consent to the activities,
  • No ones life is in danger. 


Now…that leaves a ton of sexual stuff that passes with a smile and nod to me.  And, I believe between my time in various places while living in the Big Easy (New Orleans) and a Marine Corps town mixed with a generous helping of SexyWhispers I am very difficult to shock.  But…I admit…this did it!

Over drinks, she gives me all of the 411 on their swinging lifestyle.  I simply commented, more as a statement of affirmation than anything else, “you must buy protection by the case!”

She blinked…looked at me blankly….and said (wait for it!)… ”protection for what?  I am way over the age of having children.  Plus, he has had a vasectomy, so we are both safe.”  I must have looked her like Beaux (my dog) looks when he does not understand something.  I felt like the world was caving in and landing straight on top of me.

“Yes, but there are other things besides pregnancy to worry about.  What about AIDs or STDs?”  At this point, she smiled at me and reached over to pat my hand in a comforting manner (like a small stupid child who did not really understand what the adults were talking about) and said—wait for it!—“I told you…neither of us can have children anymore.  No body fluid during sex.  We are safe!”

I will admit…I looked down at my hand and thought about going to the bathroom to wash.  I could not imagine.

Please…I relate this as a call to all women who are sexually active in any manner!!  PYS—Protect Yourself!  My mother used to say that there were three things every women should have in her purse:  a condom, an aspirin, and a dime to call a cab.

Remember:  Sex last a few hours (if you are lucky), but an STD can last a lifetime!  And ignorance can be life threatening!  Choose your lifestyle, your partners, and your protection all with the same care.  Nuf said. ~~Dee

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6 thoughts on “Dangerous Liaisons and Sex with Strangers

  1. NO FREAKIN’ WAY!!!!

    Seriously… grown adults that are totally ignoring the concept that all these people could be running around with who knows WHAT kind of STD’s…and they are not practicing safe sex????

    I mean, really, even if they waved a clean bill of health in front of men, it’s obvious that they don’t think anything of this and I wouldn’t trust that they hadn’t done something with SOMEONE between their last test and now.

    That is just so …well..not only unsafe but it’s just GROSS!!!!!!

    I’m shocked ~Dee.. all the swingers that I know have always practiced safe sex, to include dental dams too!


  2. I was just about to ask the same question…well near the same…as Finn. How the heck are there no body fluids??? You know, I don’t understand people that do not practice safe sex. As much as I loathe condoms, I’d never have sex with another man without one, swinger or not.
    (shakes head in disbelief). Oh, Happy Valentine’s Day to you all. I hope you have a very “hot” one. 😉

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