Feng Shui For Sex And Romance!

sex, sex blog, orgasms, pussyThis post was too much fun to miss and JUST IN TIME for Valentines Day! 

Hot Question of the week: How can I make our bedroom more romantic for Valentine’s Day?

Alison: Oh honey, the best way I know to add some sizzle to your bedroom (besides tying up your hubby and having your way with him) is to utilize Feng Shui. Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese art of placement that creates harmony and prosperity in our lives. It is believed that adjustments to our outer physical world change and improve our inner selves – by allowing good Qi (energy) to flow through our lives.

Some people poo-poo this aside as some BS, but I know it works as I use it all over my home. The romance and love sector of your home is the far right corner of the overall house – by way of the door you use the most often. So if that’s the front door – stand in your door and find out where the far right corner is of your home. If your house is L shape, draw an imaginary line to make it an even square. You’ll also want to Feng Shui the far right corner of your bedroom.

The tips below are adapted from The Basics of Feng Shui, by David (Phoenix) Nutter (Perfect Harmony Inc., 2000).

  • Add Colors
    Pink: Sweet and tender love
    Red: Fiery passion
    White: Purity and fidelity
  • Grow Plants
    Self-propagating plants
  • Place Stones
    To bring new love: Moonstone, Garnet, Rhodochrsosite
    To reflect unconditional love: Rose quartz
    To enhance and maintain a good love relationship: Ruby
  • Include Birds:  Birds symbolize the union of man and woman to the Chinese. Look for birds on paintings, fans, and carved boxes.


Make sure that any imagery of birds has more than one bird. Two birds together is ideal, like an image of love birds. If the relationship section falls outside of the house (as in an “L” situation), establish working bird feeders.

Except for self-propagating plants, make sure you include two of everything, such as two chimes, two flower pots, two red candles, two hearts, a man and a woman (or two men or two women).

  • Images of the sun and moon together are very good, as is the symbol of yin/yang.
  • Avoid
    Remove images of angels, Buddhas, cactus, anything that could be cooling such as a shower. (A hot tub is enhancing.)


sex toys vibrators masturbationFeng Shui your entire home (in the far right corner) and your bedroom for a romantic interlude neither of you will soon forget!
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4 thoughts on “Feng Shui For Sex And Romance!

  1. According the “The ^real Sex Kitten’s Handbook” —
    (and yes… she references feng shui –more specifically the “bagua” or energy grid that reflects all the different aspects of your life)

    Candlelight – creates intimate and romantic atmosphere… allows HIM to see you but in a soft glow kind of way, which should help a woman if she is less than happy with her body.

    Pink and red signify passion.
    White for purity — little votives scattered throughout.. is great!

    Blue and Green – researchers said men reported that their womans breasts “looked and felt bigger”

    Music — “If music be the food of love, play on” (Shakespeare)

    Popular classical music can help slow your brain waves and as a result you feel calmer and more relaxed — your skin becomes more sensitive to touch and temperature. (Mozart, Tchaikovsky and Chopin…even light jazz or most New Age will work as well).

    Rock Music tends to be faster and hence causes your brain waves to cycle faster causing your body to follow… so unless you are going for hard and fast (hee..hee..nothing wrong with that!) then keep it slow and smooth… 🙂

    Scent — kill two birds with one stone and used scented candles…

    Oh… I’ve TOTALLY found the perfect blend of scents that is happy for a sensual girl and boy (because too flowery does NOT a happy man make).

    Yankee Candle has a Stress Relief candle that contains Cinnamon and Frankincense.
    You can find them here:

    Much love ~Dee~ ~!! 🙂


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