Give Me Love, Sex, and Romance

sex sex blogs erotica female eroticaI will be honest.  I don’t REALLY understand Valentines Day.  One day in a year that men run around trying to publically prove that they love a woman.  The one day a year when completely rational women accept gifts of flowers and candy as proof of loveNot I.  Count me out of the battle to prove love in the public forum of my friends, family, and complete strangers like my local florist. 

Instead, I would much rather The Marine focus on the other 364 days of the year to show his love for me. 

  • Be a great lover and I will forgive the $4.95 you did not spend on the Hallmark card. 
  • Call me in the middle of the day because you were thinking of me and I will forever see that I am important to you past a day built for marketing pretenses of love and romance.
  • When he walked up to me and handed me the money he won from the Superbowl to take on my upcoming trip to Savannah so I can have a little “mad money,” I did not think about the cheap heart shaped pendant I wont be getting for Valentines Day
  • Open the door for me when we walk into a place and stand next to me with pride when we go out even when all of the men are gathering to talk about their wives, I won’t even consider that I did not get a heart shaped box of fattening chocolates.
  • In a room full of fabulous women, undress me with a sexy mixture of passion, lust, and love in your eyes that show me I am your focus and I will buy the lingerie that pops your cork.
  • Appreciate my intelligence, sexy visuals, and painful belief in sexuality for women, I will pass on the rush to buy the latest knickknack to crowd my dresser.
  • Remember that carnations are my favorite flowers and send them to me a month from now with a card that reads “because…” and I wont even think that my desk did not hold up a vase of expensive wilting roses on Valentines Day.


No matter what the reason for Valentines Day, the reasons are not good enough if a woman looks forward to it as a “special day.”  For most women, nothing great happened that day that makes us mark it in our calendar except that it is the only day when we are truly love and admired.  I want a man that celebrates me and our love every day with romance and sex.  I have that man….do you?  Celebrate love every day!

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5 thoughts on “Give Me Love, Sex, and Romance

  1. I agree with you 100%. I don’t want expensive cut flowers, they wilt. I don’t want jewelry. I don’t want candy or a card. All I need is to be loved, desired and to feel special. No amount of money spent on me could ever replace that.

  2. Blech!! Valentines Day… it’s initials “VD” ALONE should tell us something about it’s ad-nauseam existence..ha.ha.ha… hmmm….romance and sexually transmitted diseases go hand and hand?? I think NOT! ha..ha.ha..

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