The Role of Sex in Politics

sex sex blogs erotica female eroticaI try not to soapbox on SexyWhispers on any other topics other than sex and women’s issues.  But, on the topic of politics, as always, anyone can disagree with me by comment or just move on to another blog.  So, here I am stepping outside of my comfy box of erotica to show off the sexiest part of my body:  my brain!  (I caught you visualizing!)

In truth, it is a VERY exciting time to be a Democrat.  If you are partial to Senator Obama, then you are fascinated by the political implications of a man of class and distinction who happens to be African American.  I think he is an amazing man that embodies the best of intentions of progressive America.  BUT, if you happen to be a woman…this time in political history is explosive.  Its interesting to me how many people draw lines of support based on color or gender.  They can not tell you why they like or agree with the position of a candidate.

What I find most offensive is the media portrayal of women supporting Senator Clinton based on the fact she is a woman.  I think, as correctly stated by the President of NOW (the National Organization of Women), Kim Gandy, stated, “Hillary Clinton is exciting to women because she represents the heights of what women can achieve.”  Agreed.

However…I know exactly why I endorse Senator Clinton and it is not because she is a woman.  Although I am proud that she has walked such a difficult road, as a woman and as a person, with her head up through issues as a wife, mother, and Senator.

There is so much more though.  When she first addressed the issues of health care during her first months as first lady, she was trying to change American for struggling families.  When they blocked her (they told her she was only a woman that should be seen and not heard!), she smiled that “bitch” smile I love so much, raised her chin alittle, and stood her ground.  Now, many years later, she set her path to walk into the White House as President and she is following through.  Running on the platform of health care reform (remember…her original concern??), she is standing her ground to fight.

Will she become the First Woman President?  God…I hope so.  Is she perfect?  Nope …neither am I though.  She has faced the same issues that every woman faces everyday with the pride and dignity of a strong woman.  I am proud of that.

Either way, no matter who you vote for…find out the issues, back your candidate, and VOTE!  Our country depends on your voice.  ~~Dee

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