Ass Kickin’ Women: My Sexual Hero

Anais Nin:  “And the day came when the risk it took to remain closed in a bud became more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”–In honor of an incredible flower! 

First, let’s start off with the understanding that I am NOT easily impressed.  When I add women to my blogroll it is because there is something strong about them that make me a little strong just for knowing them.  Sometimes, like my Favorite Dutch Pastry (that I so commonly call Dutchie and she tolerates it!), DutchBitch has just my public personality.  Like me, Love me, Leave me….whatever….I don’t care.  She is running a contest on her blog right this moment—and who does not love to win things right??—so I am sending out kisses to her!  Go check out my girl.

But…in the last few days, someone else has stepped up to hold my hand (electronically of course!).  Honestly, Selena Kitt has been a member of the *Cathouse* since I first started giving away virtual rooms.  I frequently enjoy reading her blog because she sparks my creative juices and starts the heart pumping.  Geez….with me…we know that is the easy part!    😉

However, like a kid with a crazy new crayon drawing to put on the refrigerator, when I ran into the *Cathouse* to post about the OhMiBod Vibrator Giveaway, I was excited that the SexyWhispers community would have a chance to leverage the information we have as women and share the common / difference that make us sexually aware.

WTF—To my disappointment, this has not been the case.  I had women asking me to cover up their identities or for the ability to enter without adding a sexy tip or erotica fantasy.  Even the usual inhabitants of the *Cathouse* have been silent. 

  • Have I finally touched a sexual nerve?
  • Have I finally entered into a sexual territory where I can’t be followed?


One person showed up to follow me….Selena.  She shared her best tip with us (I even read it to The Marine!) in her courageous way about sex that shows a true comfort in her own skin.  Moreover, when no one stepped forward after her to enter, she posted the contest to her blog to promote entries.  When she could have left it alone and she would have been the only entry (and won!), she understood that the goal was more important than the prize.  And…in doing so, she answered one of my biggest questions without my asking.

You see…I was starting to wonder…after I offered to sponsor a women’s tele-group to discuss sex with only two takers and then this contest….I wondered that why I was doing this at all.  I mean, I have the life I want to live.  I enjoy my sexuality with an incredible man and see the world in sexual 3D!  Why am I knocking myself out here trying to bring that experience to tons of women who are too scared to share something with other women and me?  We can’t build a community around that!

And with her actions, I understood.  I am doing it because, what I experience (and I suspect that Selena does too), as a woman makes me different instead of the same.  And, believing that sexual difference is right up there with air, we have to struggle through the masses who don’t know better.

For those of you who have registered for the OhMiBod Vibrator Giveaway since, good luck.  I appreciate that you have stepped up to join our game of Kiss and Tell!

For Selena, I can’t promise that she will win the coveted OhMiBod Vibrator Giveaway, but I can give her this Ass Kick’ Woman Award for helping me find my way through the smog!  You rock completely!  ~~Dee

8 thoughts on “Ass Kickin’ Women: My Sexual Hero

  1. Kitty–Oh Lawd’ (MissM says I talk like this! *grin*). This group of women will be powerful enough to lobby congress soon. Perhaps we should all get together and have tattoos!~~Dee

  2. I have an Ohmibod so I didn’t leave a tip. But I’m not sure I would have anyway… not because I’m shy about it, but because I’m not entirely sure I have a tip. And quite frankly that bothers me. And I’m not even sure why I don’t have a tip…

    But that’s just me. Keep doing what you’re doing. It may take some of us a while, but we’ll catch up to you!

  3. Finn–As I remember, your hubby got MAJOR point from the female population for his show of love with the OMB! No tips? Really!?! We need to have drinks and exchange information.~~Dee

  4. You have no idea how much I needed that today. *sniff* See now I’m all verklempt… ack! Quick, talk amongst yourselves!

    (and if anyone says they’re too young to get that reference I’m going back to bed… *snerk*)

    MWAH to you, sweetness… thanks for not giving up. It’s all worth it, every painful bit of it.

    Hell, I’m beginning to think the pain is necessary… I mean, would the good stuff be so good if it wasn’t?



  5. Sel–You are a wonderful person. I dont know what *verklempt* means…but I dont think it is an age thing (as I HAPPEN to know that we are the same age!!). We need to have a birthday party. Surely, we have missed a few over the years!~~Dee

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