Sexy Man and the Superbowl

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Ok…being a complete sports chic…I love football almost as much as sex (ALMOST!).  But, the Superbowl this year was completely outstanding for all of my woman reasons!

  • Super sexy Eli Manning.  Go Giants.  I had faith even when everyone else said you were a looser!  There are no underdog losers in America…its the American Dream….and welcome to it!
  • The National Anthem was a complete score this year.  She did an amazing job that made me proud to be American.  We all stood in my living room with our hands over our heart and sang too!  (Oh rah!)
  • The pre-game reading of the Declaration of Independence was phenomenal!  Gave me chills….and I love chills.
  • The Marine won $250 and he split it with my dad.  Geez…that man is sooo cool!
  • It is my favorite Pink Pussy’s birthday.  Kisses my lovely and happy birthday!!

From a complete football chic…watching her team of sexy men fight in a game against challengers looking to make history, it was amazing!  It was American!

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2 thoughts on “Sexy Man and the Superbowl

  1. GO GIANTS!!! Wheeeee…what a GREAT game!!!

    Thanks for the birthday wishes darlin’… I had a great, great time and felt(feel) very loved.

    Oh.. but if I even *See* another slice of birthday cake I might hurl..ha..ha..ha..

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