Fear of Sex: Contest of Wills

sex sex blogs erotica female eroticaHere is an interesting phenomenon.  At Christmas, when I ran the last OhMiBod contest, women entered in great masses.  I was really pleased and really unhappy that I only had one prize.  However, you all joined me in celebrating female sexuality everywhere.  I was very encouraged.

Now, I have the privilege to give away another of the coveted OhMiBod vibrators.  I am getting lots of personal emails from ladies wanting to enter, but they don’t want to publically admit their sexual fantasies or give up their favorite sex tip.  They beg to be able to enter our contest via private email.

I considered it.  Selena has stepped forward to enter and share her tips with us. I could go back on my rules about the necessity of adding a sex fantasy or sex tip to the community.  I could.  But that directly goes against the flavor of our group. 

My goal is always to share sexual information with each other in a safe environment for the benefit of women everywhere.  This is what I want….and I know you want that too.  I know because I see the blog stats from the people visiting everyday!  If you are shy…then stay and watch.  If you are worried about what you might say, then shock me please.  I am ready.

sex toys vibrators masturbationBut, I would rather give this prize away to the woman that stands up to say she is who she is…without apology…and the world can take a walk if they don’t like it!

I know….I argue with myself…that not every woman can walk that path.  I agree.  But, that makes it even more important that the women who will or can…stand up and do so.

So, I am sorry….but even if it means fewer entries, the rules remain the same.  Enter the OhMiBod Vibrator Giveaway!  ~~Dee

10 thoughts on “Fear of Sex: Contest of Wills

  1. Wow… was I really the only entry? I didn’t look…

    c’mon ladies… this is the Internet!!

    If you can’t share your most secret sexual fantasies or favorite sex tips here among the anonymous masses where no one can identify you and you don’t have to see any of these people ever again if you don’t want to… who CAN you share them with!??! 😀

    Thanks for sticking to your guns, Dee… and I’m not saying that because I’m the first (only as of yet??) entry… I’m saying it because I want what you want… women to be free to share themselves, the world’s opinion be damned…

    Women are sexual beings, we have sexual fantasies, longings, desires… we have fetishes, we have preferences, we do dirty, naughty things and we LOVE it…

    don’t we?

    oh come on… I’m willing to admit it.

    Aren’t you??

  2. Selena–If my email could talk, you would hear it screaming from the smoke! But, in truth, I love every person who visits. And, I know, this will push women alittle past their comfort zone and make them share something with this community. But, that really is what a community is about…sharing….not exclusivity. Thank you for entering…and I love your courage (although, for us…it not really courage is it…it is a way of life!).~~Dee

  3. Ok, I’ll try it. Here is my fantasy/tip/desire

    I can’t believe how wet I get thinking about him covering my eyes and tying my hands behind my back.

    He blindfolds me, ties my hands behind my back, and turns me to face him while he pushes me down to my knees. I can feel his hard cock through his slacks on my cheek as he undoes his belt and lowers his zipper. I open my mouth when I feel the head of his cock touch my lips; I tease him with the tip of my tongue. With his hands on each side of my head, he slides the head of his cock between my lips and over my tongue.

    At first his movements are slow and gentle, letting the head of his cock slide out between my lips and then back in, but soon he is pushing in a little further and harder. I open my mouth a little to suck in more air, he pulls out a little and asks if I’m OK. I nod and reach for his cock with my mouth. Then he slides his cock in and out my mouth faster, but controls how deep he goes. I want him to go deeper. He doesn’t…

    Now if he would just push my limits a little more…

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